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    Are you checking up with these au pairs or the families after everyone becomes settled together to ensure that everyone is comfortable with each other? I realize you may be unaware of these dire circumstances but now you have been told and are completely aware. The previous au pair told her the host dad had been raping her for the two years she had been working for the family prior to my friend. Imagine being in these girls shoes. And now you have MANY people livid with you as well.

    Aupair sex

    The previous au pair told her the host dad had been raping her for the two years she had been working for the family prior to my friend. Are you really making sure the family is matched up with the right au pair to create a suitable situation? I was answered with an automated e-mail guiding me with unneccesary guidlines to take for what I had messaged them for. Is a Skype session really enough to gather enough information for the family and au pair to know about eachother? Her family was wonderful. Now that my very good friend had to flee the home of her host family in the middle of the night in state of an emergency I am more then angry, I am LIVID! I asked my host mom to make a schedule for me, like that I could feel more free to come and go from the house as I please. The story of the next two au pairs is what motivated me to take a stand. I did my best to make a connection with the children but the moment I tried giving them any direction they would scream on the top of thier lungs in my face. I am not surprised if what I am going to tell you comes as a surprise. Not by just the mother of the home, but by her children too. Do you have a controlled system to monitor how these families are paying their au pairs? The au pairs I know want to create a bond with the children, please the adults of the home they are under, and do not want to worry their loved ones. This is not enough money to buy a plane ticket home if needed. Being a young and respectful person the au pair is afraid to make mistakes, offend people and are afraid to cause damage to a family. But there are families in their community who have already taken the au pairs from your website looking to live and work in their area. Unfortunately this is creating the perfect victims. Its YOUR job to make sure they have a good experience! Are they getting paid justly and in a timely fashion? They are alone until they find each other. Do you check back with au pairs who had finished their contracts that they had a nice time living and working with the family? As for me, I felt like I was always locked inside. Afraid of many things but mostly they were thinking about the children and were afraid to break a family. My good friend told me things about the situation she was living in her host family house. I would be left with the children all day and was never able to go out in the evenings to have time of my own after my duties with the children were finished and I had eaten dinner with the family.

    Aupair sex

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