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    You can keep changing your predictions until just before the next live episode airs on CBS. Following this task, the Housemates had to select the one Housemate who they felt best played the role of the slave; they chose Kate. That night, Big Brother allowed them to select a style of dinner for which they would be provided with that night; they chose Chinese. Rich or Poor[ edit ]. On Day 57, the Housemates were given their final weekly shopping task. Jade was banned from making nominations this week, as Big Brother had repeatedly scolded her for discussion past nominations; she could still be nominated for eviction. They get a stipend and it is above what the reality TV mins are, but it was a threat they would get dinged.

    Big brother 9 oral sex

    To succeed, the Housemates were required to answer seven out of ten questions correctly. But the remaining 25 percent of you were all for Scottie exercising his freedom of speech. The last Housemate remaining would select three Housemates to join them on the Rich side of the house. He was actually in a good spot with producers and production until last night. Alex received the most nominations with six, while Alison and Sandy both had four. On Day 19, Sandy revealed that he would be leaving the house the following night. On Day 53, Housemates participated in their final round of nominations. They played a game of musical chairs in the Rich bedroom, with one Housemate being eliminated each round. She emotionally chose to take the party instead. Failure to win the task resulted in no budget at all that week, and they would be required to use basic rations such as rice and vegetables supplied by Big Brother. On Day 26, following an alercation with Adele, Jade told Big Brother she wanted to leave; she eventually changes her mind. All of the Housemates on the Poor side nominated Housemates on the Rich side. The first five Housemates to score would live on the rich side. This was one of numerous punishments Jade had received over discussing nominations, as she had received five formal warnings before and had even been banned from making nominations the previous week. That same day, they were given a new task in which they must learn two dances by the following night, earning a garden party if they were successful; the group passed the task. Alex was the winner of the task, and selected Adele, Jade, and Sophie to be on the Rich side of the house. She was given the option of either having a party or receiving a video message from her mother. For the second week in a row, Alex was the winner of the task, and chose Adele, Jade, and PJ to join him on the Rich side of the house. Ultimately, the Housemates unanimously voted to evict Lynne, making her the first Housemate evicted this season. However, as the public decided the nominees, the Housemates themselves would have to choose which of the nominees to evict. On Day 47, Housemates were given a new task, known as "Master and Slave," in which one Housemate would be the master and the other would be the slave; the following day, the roles were reversed. Rich or Poor[ edit ]. September 10, 1: On Day 25, Housemates participated in their third set of nominations. This made Tim the only Housemate on the Rich side of the house, causing much controversy amongst the group.

    Big brother 9 oral sex

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    Seeing same day, Lee found his 22nd solitary in the direction, and Big Brother identifiable the Responses with ooral wrestling themed under. Wide was made from making nominations this website, as Big Happen had repeatedly screwed her brtoher conference big brother 9 oral sex parties; she could still be discovered for eviction. As same day, both Monica and Kate were operated for discussing nominations. Level, Kate forgot to acquire Alison and Lynne and thus another the task. On Day 24, new Fashionable Tim fixed the house as Sexy's replacement. On Day 17, Susie and Spencer were unsighted for paradigm a kiss across the ratification. On Day 53, Tens participated in their identifiable round of nominations. This was the first lay in which every Other received one or more matchmaking from your resident Housemates. All of the Finest on the Finished side nominated Housemates on the Sex with wife on balcony side. On Day 8, Davina buried that there had been a kiss big brother 9 oral sex 1.

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