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    According to a female friend of mine who used to be a flight attendant, most male flight attendants are gay and most straight guys interact more with female flight attendants than they do with male flight attendants. However, German crews are even more dishonest. You have the highest chance of getting free drinks from male flight attendants or less attractive female flight attendants. Take interest in your flight attendant when you bump into them the first couple times because when they make the rounds to take drink orders, you can use this to your advantage. Giving change in foreign currency helps air crew defraud passengers The survey by the price comparison site Jetcost. We have all had the fantasy of sleeping with a flight attendant.

    Cabin crew having sex

    Talk to them just like you would with a customer you are buttering up to ask for the deal at work and drink for free all flight. During one flight, two passengers who did not know each other previously met in the back galley and struck up a conversation. But if you play your cards right, they will use these passes on you instead. Can I get your drink order? From a logistical standpoint, how much room would a couple have to pull it off? A flight attendant, pictured, deals with the situation. I could tell she was into me, I had a few drinks in me, we were back there bullshitting with each other, so I went in for my line: Her blond friend struck her and shrieked: A survey of British air stewards aged 18 and over who are currently in the job or have been in the past five years found that 89 per cent said they had broken airline rules during a flight. Crew opened the toilet door and found the man standing with his trousers down and the woman sitting on the seat, The Sun reported. If you want to give yourself the best chance at joining the mile high club, take a red-eye flight where most passengers are likely to be asleep! Have you pulled it off? It takes some swagger, confidence, cracking a cheesy specific joke, and waiting to see what happens. The most common "crime" was lying about the availability of products in the in-flight shopping catalogue, presumably because of laziness 28 per cent while one in five had short-changed passengers. Imagine what the day to day is of flight attendants They go from airport to airport, flight to flight, dealing with customers that are stressed out about flying, traveling, missed flights, and delayed flights. Have you slept with a flight attendant? Officers boarded and marched the mile-high club woman off with her bags. Follow From joining the mile-high club to short-changing passengers, air stewards have admitted just how often they break the rules while they are in the sky. As the man sheepishly emerged and returned to his seat, one of the cabin crew asked: We were in the back corner of the flight attendant cabin by the emergency door and bathroom, so no other passengers could see us make out for about 5 seconds. I used this strategy with a sexy female flight attendant on a flight from San Francisco to San Diego a couple years ago. This is when I take the dialogue to the next level. But at the same time, it amazes us how many people want to do it in the lavatories. After a bit, we noticed that they both disappeared, and only one lavatory was occupied. The Sun Footage shows the man emerging from the toilet first and trying to argue that the woman had been taken ill. Air stewards have admitted to having sex with passengers and each other during flights When they were asked what rules they had broken, more than a fifth - 21 per cent - said they had "indulged in sexual relations with a colleague during a flight" while 14 per cent said they had had in-flight sexual encounters with passengers.

    Cabin crew having sex

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      Imagine how difficult it must be for a male flight attendant. During one flight, two passengers who did not know each other previously met in the back galley and struck up a conversation.

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