• Cavities and oral sex


    Common symptoms of hepatitis are fever, diarrhea Loss of appetite, dark urine, vomiting, jaundice and pain in the abdomen. Genital warts may be more common and; harder to treat. Details of various methods and technique are illustrated in Table 3. In this context, choosing safer sex acts could lead to other behavior changes that increase risk. We found that giving oral sex was significantly associated with gum problems.

    Cavities and oral sex

    Fellatio, cunnilingus and analingus Herpes An STD caused by herpes simplex virus is the commonest cause of genital ulceration. One might ask, 'How could poor oral health possibly increase the risk of disease spread by engaging in oral sex? The relative importance of oral sex as a route for the transmission of viruses is likely to increase as other, higher risk sexual practices are avoided for fear of acquiring HIV infection. Similarly, the proportional importance of oral sex to HIV transmission will be a complex result of the relative frequency of oral sex compared with other activities, infectivity of oral secretions and its modification by oral pathology, resistance to infection by inhibitory substances in saliva, the HIV prevalence in the community in which such activity takes place, the maturity of the epidemic in the community given recent observations on differential infectivity by stage of infection, the role of high activity antiretroviral therapy, and the extent to which personal prophylaxis is adopted. It is not as risky as unprotected anal or vaginal sex, but it is still possible to get HIV and other venereal diseases and infections in this way. View popup Table 1 Associations between oral sex and indicators of gum disease in a cohort of African-American women, New York City To our knowledge, this is the first study to examine the association between oral sex and gum disease. Sores and blisters usually on the lips, genitals, or anus are very infectious and painful. Due to disease risks, many medical professionals advise the use of condoms or dental dams when performing or receiving oral sex with a partner whose STD status is unknown. The number of subjects with oral problems was small, the oral problems were self reported, and we did not collect information on oral hygiene practices. Effect of receptive oral sex and smoking on the incidence of hairy leukoplakia in HIV-positive gay men. The main dilemma now is how to present the small but real risk of oral sex without encouraging a resumption of higher risk sexual activity including anal intercourse , which it has been suggested may accompany an awareness that oral intercourse is not risk-free. Spread through skin-to-skin contact, contact with warts or HPV. There are two types: There are two types of the virus; Type 1 affects mainly the lip causing cold sores and Type 2 causes blisters on the genitals. As would be expected if oral sex were directly leading to gum problems, the association was the strongest for women who performed oral sex on their partners, and virtually absent for those who only received oral sex. Vaccination is available for prevention Fellatio, cunnilingus and analingus The bowel organisms Salmonella, Shigella and Campylobacter can all be transmitted. This can occur if the semen in the ejaculate is carried on the fingers, hands, or other body parts; and comes in contact with the vaginal area. From to , the Feminine Hygiene Study interviewed African-American women seeking routine gynaecological care at two New York hospitals about their hygiene habits and health behaviours. Age, marital status, income, education, parity, sex partners, smoking, alcohol use, douching, and hormonal contraceptive use were examined as potential confounders. Despite this, oral sex does carry a possible risk of pregnancy if semen from the man comes in contact with the vaginal area circuitously. Open syphilis sores or chancres provide an easy entry and exit for HIV and can increase viral load Antibiotic coverage and periodic medical check ups will be the line of treatment Analingus, cunnilingus and fellatio Chlamydia STD caused by the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria and affects women more than men. Although the strongest contributor to oral health is oral hygiene, there is a range of susceptibility caused by immune function and differences in plaque microflora. The eradication of dentinal carious lesions with tooth restoration or extraction, when indicated, may eliminate potential fungal reservoirs responsible for recurrent or recalcitrant clinical oral candidiasis. Burning sensation and discharge from penis. These lesions are very infectious. The transmission of other viruses may occur but ha not yet been proved.

    Cavities and oral sex

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