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    Mikoto and Kuroko are invited by swim club members to do a photoshoot. Fanservice and plot advancement in a Beach Episode? Air New Zealand Safety Videos: Even Hamtaro had one, with the Ham-Hams exploring the beach for the first time and helping Laura during a storm. OVA is a Beach Episode. Completely useless for the plot and hammered in without fear of splinters Kamisama Kiss has Nanami going on a trip with some school friends to the beach and dragging Tomoe along for the ride. The pilot is a Beach Episode.

    Cosplay sex machine episode 2

    However, it's not uncommon for the episode to be a fake-out breather and suddenly take a serious turn with a dramatic plot twist, such as if a storm hits, a threat from below the deep decides to emerge, or there's a shark attack. The Mightiest Disciple has a couple of them, during which Kenichi's masters still manage to rope into doing some training: The Bravo Kiss and Papillion wearing Borat 's swimsuit? And then one of the arc's good guys turns out to be an angel Touma's father accidentally summoned and which is now hell-bent on killing the summoner in order to get back to Heaven. Looks like a Beach Episode on the surface, but the beach actually serves as the starting point for a survival test that later goes horribly wrong. Made even better once you find the dirty hidden commentary on that DVD. And Hitsugaya and the ice. If Her Flag Breaks: Subverted in Episode 9. The second season K-On!! Then comes the shocker when Kuroko tries wearing something that would make even adult women blush The Familiar of Zero may be set in a medieval European fantasy world, but that does not stop it from having a Beach Episode. It's rather notable since it's the first time that the series has had a proper fanservice episode since the original series 12 years earlier the rest had been relegated to Sound Stages or the manga. Of course, this also directly leads into the wham episode of the next arc , with serious consequences for the rest of the series. Kamisama Kiss has Nanami going on a trip with some school friends to the beach and dragging Tomoe along for the ride. Subverted in episode 6. Though the last time was only because Tomo lied about wanting to make it a study trip, when it was really just an excuse for her to spend time at the beach again. Starting with episode 8, the rest of the series except the finale consists of nothing but Wham Episodes! Worth noting, there's a good reason for the submarine: OVA is a Beach Episode. Hajime No Ippo has one featuring not only humor, but also some degree of plot as the guys went there not just to relax and have a good view of girl booty, but to train. Macross 7 , never accused of being the most plot-heavy of series early on in its run, has one as well This being Conan, someone in vacation ends up dropping dead In another strip, America and England are both stranded together, both being themselves. One that begins in chapter of the manga turns out to be vital for the plot

    Cosplay sex machine episode 2

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      The latter, however, adds in Character Development for both Rin and Shiemi while dropping hints to Yukio falling apart. Any Fanservice that might have been generated from the games the cast played were ultimately thwarted, and the only person who managed to get their privates shown was the Shogun.

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