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    But if you and your partner feel like you're starring in your own nightmare version of the movie Groundhog Day -- i. Rather than arguing about what is or isn't happening in your relationship, use the time to focus on yourself and find things to do that fulfill you: A Negative Body Image. It may be a matter of a hormone deficiency or other physiological problems—or feelings the person has about himself or herself. What can I do about them? Long-term sex with the same person can eventually become predictable.

    Couple help sex

    Privacy concerns and Internet use The Internet is a valuable source of all types of information, including books and other products such as sex toys that can enhance your sex life. Women often complain that their husbands never touch them unless they want sex. You can finish the supper dishes, put the kids to bed or give your partner some space to finish his or her work files. Drinking large amounts over a long period can damage the liver, leading to an increase in estrogen production in men. Do small things as well: Ask what you can do to help your partner power down without powering out. Don't threaten in the heat of an argument. For couples dealing with erection problems, play involving the G-spot can be a positive addition to lovemaking. Even though every relationship has its ups and downs, successful couples have learned how to manage the bumps and keep their love life going, says marriage and family therapist Mitch Temple, author of The Marriage Turnaround. But that is not the case any longer. It's time to try a new approach. Accept the gift and appreciate it. We get pregnant and give birth. If your schedules are similar, you should be going to bed at the same time. Become more of the person he wants you to be and he might become more of the person you want him to be. Adapted with permission from Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond , a special health report published by Harvard Health Publications. Or do a You might be fantasizing about someone else—or about packing your bags and leaving. For example, the increased stimulation to the G-spot that occurs when a man enters his partner from behind can help the woman reach orgasm. But the truth is these may not just be excuses. Missing the Connection between Mental and Physical Arousal. If you usually jump right in to defend yourself before your partner is finished speaking, hold off for a few moments. We gain weight and lose our hair. Therefore, the same healthy habits you rely on to keep your body in shape can also shape up your sex life. Many self-help books and educational videos offer variations on these exercises. This exercise can help you explore possible activities you think might be a turn-on for you or your partner. Leave love notes in your partner's pocket for him or her to find later.

    Couple help sex

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