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    Then one morning I found that as I was stepping out of the shower, watching her looking at my penis, I began to get an erection. I know most daddies don't do for their daughters what you do for me. I looked in panic at mom, but she told me to swallow it and keep sucking. Once inside the stall, mom immediately stripped naked and waited impatiently for me to get ready too. But can you pop my back first Daddy? Mom smiled as she caught me looking at her and I felt my cheeks go red as I quickly turned away. This was beginning to cause my cock to pulse, forcing a small drop of pre-cum out of the tip. I licked it again and then closed my lips around the tip.

    Daughter shower sex stories

    When she was through enjoying the delicious treat he had given her her, Mandy turned, looked up at her daddy again and smiled her charming smile. How could the love we feel, survive in such a world? He took pride in the fact he had done everything with his own two hands; he had repaired and polished the aluminum exterior, rebuild the wooden interior, laid carpet and painted everything. Trying to steer the conversation in a different direction, I asked her for the shampoo, claiming I wanted to wash my hair before the water ran out. She lightly put her hand on my hip, and my erection came on full strength in response. He loved when they went out of town and he watched their dog. Her long brown hair was straight and fell smoothly past her shoulders. I wont make you sleep in your own bed. You put my hand on your breast last night. Oh I love you. But those were tame kisses by comparison to what she was doing now. He knew she was in the throes of being flooded with teenage hormones and the angst of going to high school for the first time and that this world could be very scary. That gorgeous firm ass gave way to firm well-shaped legs that only a dancer can develop, the kind every guys wants to have wrapped around him at least once before he dies. Mandy smiled at the owner of that handsome cock and reached out to fondle the hard cylinder. They'd shared kisses before, usually while he was diddling her clitty and she was about to cum. His cock remained fully erect, and she licked the end, especially the slit there, and savored the wonderful taste. Now let your hand slide up and down on my shaft. Her tongue slid across her lips, gathMandyg the deposit I had left for her. All of the wetness on my cock wasn't from the water as I continued to ooze pre-cum. She had made sure I'd be naked by hiding my towel. The way he saw it, his baby kicking in her swollen belly was the best reward he could give her. Soon Mandy sat at the other end of the table and I immediately realized this was only going to make the situation worse. It tried to splash into her pussy, but his rod was buried so deeply that his cock tip was almost sealed off by the flesh at the end of her tunnel. Jeff's heart was pounding as he watched her set a bag down. A valid e-mail address is required so the author can respond to your feedback. Hastily, he finished with the towel, and hurried, still naked, out of the bathroom and over to where he knew his horny daughter was waiting, her legs spread and the promised candy already dripping from her beautiful pink pussy. You've still got your marriage certificate to Mummy, and I've got the same name as her.

    Daughter shower sex stories

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