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    These rods had a tuning fork on the bottom end, and the top end had four different types of devices that could be attached. Remember, it will take some practice to fully control this orgasmic energy. Egyptian women are also purported to be the first women to use makeup. And then came oral pleasures Image Credit: Many of the more stellar examples are in the BritishMuseum, where we find the famous myth of Osiris and Iris:

    Egyptian god of oral sex

    Pinterest According to Taoism, qi or chi , the life force of everything in existence, takes the form of jing, the essence that grants us life. Islam shares a common ground with Judeo-Christian societies in that fellatio is condemned in part because it is not directly linked to the act of procreation. Any doubts email me and I will email you the document entirely. The life-force energy was not lost. NONE of them ever mention any of the other form of sex. As a result, about two million women engaged in Morning Ritual in the city of Rome every day, their orgasmic moans filling the ancient urban skies with their devotion to Isis and Bast at sunrise. While the full subject of Egyptian Tantra is incredibly complex, I will share with you one simple sexual technique to control these sexual currents, increase your life force energy, and help to bring strength and vitality into your body and your relationships. The ritual also involved cunnilingus. All of this takes place while you are holding your first breath. If possible, allow yourself to completely relax, or even sleep for a while afterward. Ancient Phoenicians along with Egyptians were the first to use red lipstick to indicate their expertise in oral sex. Well then let us continue further on. In the human body, Taoists believe that loss of jing causes illness and even death. So Isis made one from clay and blew back life into Osiris. Remember, it will take some practice to fully control this orgasmic energy. I have performed the same sexual rituals, which involve oral sex and vaginal intercourse with thousands of men. It is commonly depicted as the ankh — the Ancient Egyptian symbol for life. In traditional Islamic cultures -- as in black African cultures -- there's a taboo associated with the mouth. Drunvalo is the author of five books. I cannot stress the fact that it is pointed out that the, and I quote: But Egyptians found nothing wrong because the pharaohs were doing exactly what their gods did in heaven. Allow the sexual energy of the orgasm to come up your spine. This thesis is dumb and unproven. It will then enter the ankh tube. Having more sex, particularly with beautiful virgins, was considered one of the best ways to increase jing.

    Egyptian god of oral sex

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      Perhaps she has a point too. The incense was believed to carry the wishes, dreams, and desires of the participants to the Goddess.

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