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    When she was discussing marrying him with Oracle, Oracle brought up Shado, and she angrily rejects the notion that he was to blame. Beckett against the man's will. You know I do, don't load the question. Saturn Girl tried to use her telepathic powers to bring Cosmic Boy out of a coma. Erik is very uncomfortable and repeatedly says he does not want Aphrodite to give him a blow job, while Aphrodite insists that he does in fact want her and then slashes his thigh and drinks from it—a very sexual act for vampires. Wanda, who was suffering a mental breakdown at the time, ripped the shirt off of Wonder Man and forced herself on him while he screamed "No! Emilia falls in love with Artur Planck who can pass for a gentile and thus spends his days helping her with her farmwork , and pursues him, although he's married and obviously devoted to his wife and daughter. It is hard to imagine Troi agreeing to have sex with a male alien to escape. In The Mahabharata , Ulupi drags Arjuna underwater and propositions him, threatening to commit suicide after his initial refusal.

    Females held underwater forced sex

    He uncomfortably maintains that it wasn't a rape because nothing went into his anus. In Farscape , Grayza seems to be a believer in this trope: Once, Deadpool tried to convert the Daredevil villain Typhoid Mary to be good. When the all-female task force find him afterwards, he is catatonic and surrounded by obvious signs of a struggle. Merthin is raped by Griselda, the daughter of the man of whom he is an apprentice. Catwoman 1 of the DC Relaunch featured an example of this, given that during Catwoman and Batman's encounter he seems very reluctant at first. Revenge of the Fallen has a Decepticon disguised as a human female track down Sam in college, force him to the bed, and into a very compromising position. Xander in the second season where, with Amy's help, he tries to cast a love spell on Cordelia, his ex. In an issue of Teen Titans , Mirage shape shifts into the form of Starfire and sleeps with Nightwing, who doesn't realize she isn't his girlfriend until after the fact. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. His girlfriend walks in and quite naturally assumes he's being lying to her the whole time. Think for a second about how this would be treated if the protagonist was a woman. It never comes up again until Hathor's next and last appearance, which amounts solely to Daniel refusing to look at her and saying that he "tries not to" think about their last encounter. There are no consequences for her, except starting a brief relationship with Dr. A lesser sexual offense than rape, but same Double Standard: If the genders were reversed, this wouldn't be the least bit funny. And then deconstructed when Dumbledore says Merope Gaunt's use of love potions to elope with Tom Riddle was no different than using the Imperius Curse an illegal mind-control spell since Merope kept Tom Riddle drugged for months, forcing him to leave his family and live with her against his will, which is a bit worse than snogging someone who wouldn't have snogged you under normal circumstances. All of them have a girl slipping a boy the potion, and in most cases it's played for laughs. Oddly enough, neither character mentions this throughout the rest of the film. He doesn't count on how enthusiastically she'll react to finding him getting into bed with her, and although the character is quite unhappy about what's happened, it's played for laughs. Again, consider whether an ad for a women's scent would ever be marketed that way. The whole thing is mostly told from her perspective and played for laughs. Yet he falls in love with her and marries her by the end of the movie, and this is a comedy. Which is made even worse when you consider that he was seriously injured at the time. Artur is not happy with any of this.

    Females held underwater forced sex

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      At least one crewmember, Lt. Merthin is raped by Griselda, the daughter of the man of whom he is an apprentice.

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      Tabloid tells the true story of a beautiful woman who kidnapped a homely male missionary, tied him to a bed, and allegedly raped him for several days.

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      He says he likes her and thinks she's incredible. She later shows him photos she took of this that look like them having sex and threatens to show them to his fiance if he does not have sex with her.

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      They would never, never dare film this with the genders reversed. She thinks it's this trope, and in fact some recompense for his fighting ability winning him more respect from the Astartes than she gets.

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