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    She annoys him as she speaks continuously about herself and other topics no-one else is interested in. One of Gareth's best friends. They approach Brent about being a guest speaker at one of the seminars but are totally unimpressed with his unorthodox presentation on motivational techniques. The two end up winning, successfully answering a tie-breaker question on Shakespeare against Finch. Keith works in the accounts department. Although he thinks he is patient, funny and popular, others perceive him as annoying, rude and selfish. Brent is hugely resentful and jealous of him, and makes occasional, often childish attempts to either undermine or rival him. The only two recurring characters in Series Two who do not work for Wernham Hogg.

    Free office women sex videos

    Jennifer Taylor-Clarke Stirling Gallacher: An older staff member, he is naturally most worried about the prospect of redundancies and therefore often challenges Brent's handling of the situation, criticising his relaxed attitude, his lack of management ability and several incidents, such as hiring a personal secretary when the office is facing redundancies. Almost immediately, she establishes herself as something of a good-time girl, blending in well with the rest of the staff and enjoying a booze-fuelled birthday celebration in her honour at the office. His real name is Nathan. His idea of a romantic proposal was a four-word notice in the newspaper — "Lee love Dawn. Neil Godwin Patrick Baladi: He was prominently featured in episode three, where he and Tim form a team for trivia night. Main characters[ edit ] The Office is essentially a character-based comedy, portraying the people who work in an office environment. Lee has a somewhat violent temper, which is shown when he holds Canterbury against a wall, simply for starting to dance with Dawn. An arrogant show-off and boaster, he claims to be the record holder of the fastest lap down at 'SuperKarts'. He is obsessed with his military service in the Territorial Army and annoys Tim with thoughtless, pretentious comments. Secondary characters[ edit ] Several other recurring characters, although not central to the episodes, played an important role in the series. Introduced as Brent's new temp in the pilot, and a recent graduate. Insecure, and somewhat narcissistic, he believes he is a successful maverick in the business world and a Renaissance man , talented in philosophy, music and comedy. David describes him as his "best friend" but actually acts more like a lackey, laughing at his jokes and attempting to impress him to feel popular only to be repaid with verbal abuse. After a deluded Gareth reveals his plans to seduce her, Tim is shocked when she begins to pressure him to make a greater commitment. One of Gareth's best friends. Malcolm does not appear in Series Two, having presumably been fired. Gareth Keenan Gareth Keenan is Tim's selfish deskmate and enemy. During Series One and Two, he also fails to further pursue a relationship with Dawn. Heavy set, slow-talking and apparently emotionless, he is a man of few words. Brent is hugely resentful and jealous of him, and makes occasional, often childish attempts to either undermine or rival him. Brent openly dislikes him, sneering at Malcolm's criticisms and openly lying about "faking" the high blood pressure that cost him a promotion and saved the Slough office from closure. Brent's immediate supervisor in Series One, nicknamed Camilla Parker Bowles by him, is a serious-minded professional, and Brent's behaviour and comedy-driven style of management are shown to be puerile and ineffectual by contrast. He is brashly confident, openly sexist, rasping-voiced with a natural flair for bullying others with swift, humiliating putdowns, Brent being his usual target. The misogynistic, sexist warehouse manager at the company and Lee's supervisor, who is seen as being very slack and has little respect for anyone who works outside the warehouse, particularly management.

    Free office women sex videos

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