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    Rajah's tongue felt absolutely divine sliding up and down, in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Jasmine gasped, and immediately sat up in reaction. Though she'd already cum, the sexual pleasure still traveled up and down her body She was so turned on, she wanted more If she kept talking like that, she knew soon enough she'd be bent over being pounded by Rajah's huge cock, and she couldn't resist once he started pleasing her - it would be impossible. How on earth could she make herself cum with just her hands after the feeling she just had of having her pussy eaten out by such a huge, strong tongue. But she couldn't let this happen. She was so fucking close..

    Full lip sex jasmine

    She could put it in her mouth perhaps She knew he certainly deserved it, he'd just made her scream and cum like never before. Again, he tilted his head inquisitively as he examined her. She'd never cum like that in her life, and even so, Rajah continued slowly licking her burning hot pussy. She passionately caressed and squeezed her tiger's fat cock up and down the base as she circled her tongue stimulating the tip of Rajah's member. She could perhaps use her mouth to please him like he had done for her She had never seen something like this before.. As Jasmine became absorbed in her thoughts, she felt a sudden familiar feeling between her legs. The large serbian tiger tilted his head in confusion as it began walking over to Jasmine's bed. I just want it Even if he did, Jasmine hadn't any friends to bring up to her bed who's body's she could explore. Rajah's ears went back and he hung his head low at Jasmine's unenthusiastic greeting of him. She's always enjoyed gently pinching them whenever she fucked herself. I guess I go like this? Jasmine's body twinged and tingled with jolts of ecstasy. She wouldn't even consider touching her tigers dick. He gave a saddened-confused look. Jasmine was so very wet - both from the current situation and from the amazing orgasm she'd just experienced. As the tub slowly filled, she sat upon the edge with her feet in the water, replaying the events that just passed in her head. She frequently would forget she needn't be quiet when she masturbated, yet was sometimes shy in making noise. She shot her head back in pleasure and tensed her back. Her free hand wandered between her legs once again, and began to rub herself as she continued to stroke Rajah's member. Jasmine's moaning became louder and louder with every stroke of her pussy. The feeling was tense and warm to her Her pussy literally began to throb with desire. She'd let her tiger eat her out - she couldn't believe how wrong it was.. It was abundantly clear that Rajah's erection wasn't going down any time soon.

    Full lip sex jasmine

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