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    He let her drive me around in the parking lot while he was tending to business. And my right butt cheek was sore from bring pop with his buggy whip. As I pulled up and parked he came stroll out of the stables looking even more like the Marlborough man with his faded Levis, a red plaid flannel shirt, boots and a battered Stetson on his head. My cheeks burned with embarrassment every time she ran it. Of all the people seeing me naked, having her see me was the first time I was ever embarrassed. When he came back I was hitched to his work surrey. I was really hairy so my bristly patch would be as big as a dinner plate by the time I went home. Suddenly I had to pee.

    Girl an pony sex

    It was a 2 wheel cart but behind the seat it had a luggage rack for carrying tool and supplies he needed throughout the day. Nothing worked Score this Story. But my main account is at a small out of town bank in Palmer. He held it in place with a halter not unlike a horse would wear. I laid down on the blanket to get some sleep. No one even paid any attention to us except a teenage girl. It was no bigger than a dime and could be covered by her bikini. It had twist and, turns designed for the pony to obey the reins. I struggled across the stall and suffered the indignity of peeing in a bucket. Then he led me to the center of a big corral. There he tied my lead rope to a big ring mounted in the post holding up the overhang. Believe it or not there were more ladies touching, fondling and fingering the merchandise than the men. Let him do his worst. Which I won incidentally. Suddenly I had to pee. You belong to me for two weeks to do with as I please. Magilliacutty was there with 3 cameras around her neck, a Polaroid instamatic and a Leica and one of those new VCR camcorders. I tried lingerie, spontaneity, aggression, dirty talk you name it. Be at this address at 8: Then he suggest that she rent them and check them out before you buy. When he was done with me, he turned me over to my groom. As I walked to my stall my new tail wave rhythmically in time to the swaying of my ass. Hills and dips to teach the pony to pull up a hill or control the speed going down. Not try to cover my breasts and pussy with them. I was familiar with ball gags but this one was shaped like a fat short dick. Families from miles around came to see the surrey races. Especially when she came over and started taking not only more iintimate and embarrassing naked pictures, but videos of my shame as well.

    Girl an pony sex

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      My dick shaped ball gag was replaced with a bit with reins, called lines that ran back to the driver. Paying special attention to my breasts and between my legs.

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