• Girlfriend wants too much sex


    Which dismisses your boundaries and emotional and physical needs, because you have to drop them to put out this new fire. When someone wants to have sex with you more than you want to have sex with them, take a good hard look into why. If she bursts into tears and you're not getting anywhere and it starts to turn into a fight, let it go for the time being -- but make it clear that you're going to need to keep talking through it once you've both calmed down. The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality takes a stab at an explanation. Studies of transsexuals show that when men become women and take female sex hormones, they typically report a mellowing of sexual desire, but when women become men and take testosterone, they usually say, "As a woman, I liked sex but didn't feel driven to have it. Radical honesty is really what makes these things possible and rewarding with my current partner.

    Girlfriend wants too much sex

    It isn't statistically improbable that she has been with someone who had a higher sex drive than she did and ended up pestering her for sex. For the men who responded to my survey, the anguish was just as great. There's nothing wrong with having a low libido I get a bit testy when it's implied that there is , just as there's nothing wrong with having a high libido. She shouldn't manipulate you into sex, but this sounds more like a person who simply wants sex more often than her partner does and isn't afraid to be honest about it. Instead, I will offer this: Men clearly want sex more than women. If you're really thinking about staying with this person long term, then it's not good for the relationship to be all "I know we have different opinions on this matter, but I'm not going to compromise because I think you're wrong. When the problem does inevitably arise, everyone involved will sense the uncomfortable imbalance: Pop culture allows an occasional exception for people over You're gonna need some verbal communication too. I think you won't see progress about this issue until you both get on the same page that this is not actually about sex, and may be about self-esteem, confidence in the relationship, or myriad other issues. Start with the assumption that both of your concerns are per cent valid, and really spell out how the two of you, together, want your sex life to be. We have toned it down to every other night but that's still too much for me. It is almost certain that the higher-desire partner will have to cope with sexual frustration, a sense of rejection, and fears about his or her own desirability. So the OP, who wants less sex and on his terms, gets that. And yes, the optimal state of a sexual relationship is neither party feeling pressured and both parties feeling satisfied. Present the agreement in such a way that it benefits both of you; that you're suggesting this to help the long-term sustainability of the relationship, because she's the love of your life and you want to establish a system that will last forever; and that it won't be easy for you to commit to such a schedule, but you're willing to because you know how important it is to her and you don't want to have to argue. Maybe this is selfishness, or possibly insecurity on her part, but it's simply not fair that what you want gets derailed by what she perceives as some symbol of how you feel about her. And it's not just her crying: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality takes a stab at an explanation. But six months to a year later, the hot-and-heavy period subsides and sexual frequency declines. Over the past 20 years, I've informally polled dozens of sex therapists asking about the gender break-down of desire differences. Your partner has a higher sex drive than you. Not that emotional problems are any easier to fix than sexual problems. It can be so very touchy ha ha. In fact, every time I try to express how I feel about it, she starts to cry which I am beginning to suspect is a subtle form of manipulation to get me to acquiesce. With that said, here are some other thoughts:

    Girlfriend wants too much sex

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    • Kazigis

      If you both agree to take sex off the table for a while, then that will force both of you to find new ways to express lovingness without the sex. You need to understand that her feeling of rejection is real:

    • Yozshumi

      I definitely recommend trying to have an honest but non-combative discussion on the subject. That sort of insecurity is really close to the surface for a lot of people — and, sad to say, it's especially close to the surface for a lot of women, since our culture really encourages women to feel that sort of body anxiety.

    • Yozshumi

      Extroverts and introverts have different skills: Saint's good point that crying is not necessarily manipulative and want to second it--I make a horrendously pouty face when I'm upset and I can't help it, so I try to have important arguments in the dark so no one feels manipulated.

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