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    We are to be "wise in what is good and innocent in what is evil" Romans In a fenced pasture, the cattle have everything they need. Again, God protects us from shame and guilt, and gives us joy in the sexual union of marriage. The hardship of breaking off the relationship is another consequence. Our actions of love are tied to our emotions because relationships naturally have emotional bonds. When I asked her why she began having sex, she said it was to create a bond, hoping that she would be able to hold on to her boyfriend. When we wait until the wedding night, we have a most special gift that has been reserved for our chosen lifelong companion.

    Give me essay con premaritial sex

    There are spiritual consequences any time we disobey God. Do you really believe that? Jesus' death on the cross is the good news of forgiveness to those who crucified him as well as to us who crucify him anew every time we sin. By obeying God's plan to wait for sex, a couple can discover other ways to communicate that will do much in building a healthy relationship. Various studies have confirmed this fact. Our society is plagued by those two kinds of guilt. That dignity and value comes because we are handmade by God in his image — God's spiritual and moral image Genesis 1: Personal selfish reasons cause premarital sex to take, but sometimes the taking may be confused as giving. But anger and rejection come when love is not returned. Christians have the Bible which gives direction and guidance to lives and tells of God's character. Birth control methods are sometimes unreliable, and the high rate of failure for condoms is not understood among many teens. This often comes from confusion between sex and love. Misleading feelings is another emotional effect of fornication. Sex outside of marriage turns the relationship upside down and mixes emotions to the point of misinterpreting feelings. Now, we have seen some of the effects of unchastity and great emotional consequences that come with this sin. There are children who come as a result of fornication and adultery. But the virus that causes AIDS is up to to times smaller than the sperm. It looks like a train tunnel! There is no chance of heartache later when our first sexual experience is with the person we will spend our lives with. Even when a couple realizes that fornication is sinful, they may try to find ways to justify the relationship because of the emotional bond formed between them. We know these things intellectually, but often the problem is we are not able to forgive self. For one thing, sex hinders communication. Christ didn't come to save the righteous, but to save sinners Mark 2: They are respected not for who they are, but for what they do. Rather than joy, an emotionally crippling guilt seems to be the companion of permissive sex.

    Give me essay con premaritial sex

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      There has been a great increase in teenage suicide in recent years as sexual promiscuity has increased, along with increased pregnancy, abortion and STDs. And do you know about cervical cancer, a disease that is proven to be more prevalent among sexually active teenage girls?

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      A young person who uses self control to say no to sex outside of marriage is building discipline and security into future relationships, because waiting gives your mind and body time to mature.

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