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    Following earlier laws targeting sex offenders -- such as Megan's Law and other residency restriction laws -- at least ten states and city municipalities have enacted statutes imposing restrictions on the activities of sex offenders on Halloween. While the laws are primarily meant to protect children from potential threats by former sex offenders and child predators on Halloween, critics believe these Halloween restriction laws infringe on an individual's fundamental rights -- at least on one "scary" day of the year. If you live in Nassau County, the Nassau County Sheriff's Office says every year the Sheriff's Office places signs outside the homes of registered sexual predators to alert people that a predator lives there. Halloween Sex Offender Laws Halloween Sex Offender Laws There are a growing number of states that have enacted laws restricting the activities of sex offenders on Halloween. Purpose of the Law The purpose of the "No Candy" laws are meant to keep children safe during a time where children are arguably more vulnerable to potential threats by sex offenders and other child predators. Sex offenders in Wisconsin are not allowed to wear or even possess costumes or parts of costumes. These may even include laws restricting one's participation in Halloween or other activities involving children. If there is immediate danger to a child, yourself or others, you should call According to a study by Sexual Abuse:

    Halloween sex offender rules

    Chuck Mulligan with the St. Children should be dressed in bright costumes, or parents should give them a flashlight and reflective tape. If there is immediate danger to a child, yourself or others, you should call Sex offenders found in violation of these rules risk penalties, including arrest. For a free and confidential case evaluation, contact us today. With so much at risk, law enforcement in Duval, Clay and St. Contact an Attorney Regardless of the underlying offense, those labeled as "sex offenders" often must comply with a variety of laws for the rest of their lives. If there is a porch light up, we will have a detective go up and make sure the sign's there, there's nobody home -- that type of thing. She says police will visit houses on the registry each Halloween. Some other state laws prohibit sex offenders from wearing costumes or masks, visiting corn mazes and haunted houses, being on the streets during peak trick or treating times, and from leaving their home during specific evening hours except for work or in emergency situations. Costumes, candy and fun——it's the stuff of dreams. In , police found ten sex offenders who violated the law. Johns Counties are teaming up with state and federal probation officers for Halloween as well. Some courts, like the Missouri Supreme Court, have even addressed the constitutionality of "No Candy" laws and have found that some laws as applied "retrospectively" for example, to sex offenders who registered as such before the law took effect are unconstitutional. States including Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas, for example, have passed "No Candy" laws that restrict registered sex offenders from passing out candy on Halloween. Police says it's more rural allowing sex offenders and predators to follow the law that keeps them from living too close to where children gather. Registered sex offenders under Active Community Supervision by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections are prohibited from participating in Halloween activities. She says a strong police presence on Halloween is critical. Since offenders are registered for life in the state of Missouri, these restrictions and lost freedoms will continue to affect them for as long as they live. If you're looking to learn more about Halloween restrictions for sex offenders across the state before sending your kids out to collect candy, this article should answer questions you might have and help you feel more confident about how to protect kids while Trick-or-Treating in Wisconsin. This barrier that we put out, is as much for the public as it is for our own protection. In , Missouri lawmakers passed a new piece of legislation aimed at protecting trick-or-treaters from convicted sex offenders on Halloween night. County-by-county rules Florida has a state law that all sex offenders and predators must follow, but Duval and St. Sex offenders are not allowed to decorate their place of residency with Halloween decorations, outside or inside. Halloween is just days away. In Wisconsin, distributing candy or other treats from the home or residence of a sex offender is not allowed. These may even include laws restricting one's participation in Halloween or other activities involving children.

    Halloween sex offender rules

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      On a night where children under the age of 18 go door to door, this law is meant to keep kids away from the houses of those convicted of sexual offenses.

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      We spoke with a registered sex offender to get his take on the law. So, it's one of the secondary things we'll look for.

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