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    So if your significant other is at a weird angle or someone is in the way, you will lose contact with the toy. Unfortunately, I was one of those people that could only orgasm with my clitoris, G-spot orgasms were out of the question until recently. Along with its waves of thrusting, incredibly powerful vibrations and pulsations, this sex toy will have you weak at the knees if you even dare glance in its direction! But don't just take our word for it. Laying on my back, legs held high, I sped up the shaft slowly as it continued to work me harder. It is designed with 10 powerful functions rotation, vibration, and thrusting so that you can enjoy simultaneous pleasure all with your orgasm in mind.

    Hands free sex thrusters

    One lady user pondered the pressing questions: It's not clearly stated if it is indeed a rebranded Tantus suction cup that is included. So, if you want to replace men, inventors will have to come up with something that does all of the hard work; they need to give us something that thrusts convincingly. I was told by friends that the best vibrators are the rabbits. Despite the relaxed, sensual nature of my fantasy, I found myself having to increase the intensity of the thrusting motion until I reached orgasm. Of course, there might be some connectivity issues when used in public or for larger women, but this is mainly an issue with Bluetooth in general. It comes with a charging cable fitted with an American plug and a dedicated instructions leaflet. And while this is fine to use in the bedroom, in public this might become a bit problematic. Despite my initial concerns over its size and power, I was thrilled. Using this hands-free sex toy anally will put you at risk of losing the toy into the depth of your own silly self. It has 10 different modes, all featuring a different thrusting ability The flexible tips knows exactly where my G-spot hides every single time Textured base provides a lot of pleasure on my vaginal opening and perineum USB rechargeable Easy to use Feels better than actual sex This toy is just one of the absolute best thrusting sex toys out there and the way it has been designed means that it was crafted for orgasms and female and male pleasure in mind. The large end of the toy is the insertable part and the tail end is the antenna. Check out my reaction in the video below. Along with its waves of thrusting, incredibly powerful vibrations and pulsations, this sex toy will have you weak at the knees if you even dare glance in its direction! The Luxe Touch-Sensitive dildos are probably the only high-end vibrating suction cup dildos available today. Now the company has created another kind of fancy-ass, hands-free device. So the power of these hands-free sex toys should satisfy most people. I have never orgasmed so quick and so much during solo fun ever! And we have a feeling that this may be one of the early, radical steps towards some seriously awesome new sex toy technology. You can customize your vibrations and patterns, you can sync this hands-free sex toy to music, video chat with your partner while letting them control your toy and so on. During these troubling political times, independent feminist media is more vital than ever. They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes and the suction cup themselves work pretty well. Compatible with water-based lubricants. Speaking of Tantus, there's a special place in our heart for their beautiful dual density O2 toys. Sex Educator MamaSutra said: Its size is something we should appreciate along with its 5 different vibration speeds and the way its red tip is perfectly positioned to hit your most sensitive areas. Another option that most won't benefit from is that this toy is compatible with most sex cam sites.

    Hands free sex thrusters

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