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    He enters another room and discovers Kana having her face and eye tortured by the American client. He is brought to a cell, where he is restrained in a chair and joined minutes later by a German client named Johann. Paxton and Kana make it to the train station, but after seeing a reflection of her disfigured face, Kana leaps in front of an oncoming train and kills herself. The three board a train to Slovakia, where they encounter a strange Dutch businessman who touches Josh on the leg. Although Josh is anxious to leave, Paxton convinces him to stay one more night to have sex with the girls again.

    Hostel part 2 sex scene

    After killing the American client, Paxton and Kana flee in a stolen car, pursued by guards. It is necessary only to move the idiot plot forward. While driving, Paxton sees Natalya, Svetlana, and Alexei, and runs them over, killing them. A man in a nearby apartment, Alexei, invites them to stay at his place that night. In Amsterdam , they get kicked out of a nightclub for fighting and visit prostitutes in a brothel. In addition to this sickness, the movie is poorly written. It makes no sense. The man removes his mask, revealing himself as the Dutch Businessman, and tells Josh about his failed dream of becoming a surgeon. Josh wakes up in a dungeon-like room, and is approached by a man who drills holes into his chest and legs. The brutality in which these young people are killed is what sells the movie tickets. This creates a distraction, allowing Paxton to board another train unnoticed. He then breaks into the stall and nearly drowns the Dutch Businessman in the toilet, but allows him to see his reflection before slitting his throat and killing him. Negative—…It just could not hold my attention. Meanwhile, Paxton wakes up the next morning and returns to the hostel. He enters another room and discovers Kana having her face and eye tortured by the American client. He then takes the elevator to the top floor and enters the dressing room, where he changes into business clothes, and finds a business card for the Elite Hunting club, an organization where rich people pay to kill tourists. A guard enters the room but Paxton shoots him and escapes the cell. Paxton finds Natalya and Svetlana at a pub and asks them if they know where Josh is. Paxton then leaves to board another train. That night, at the disco, Josh goes outside but is attacked by a gang of local kids known as the "Bubblegum gang" and is rescued by the Dutch businessman, buying him a beer to thank him and apologise for his reaction on the train. Paxton enters another room and hides in the bottom of a cart filled with corpses, and severed limbs. Paxton reaches for a gun and shoots Johann in the head. After severing two of Paxton's fingers with a chainsaw, Johann unintentionally removes his restraints as well. He gets frustrated with the desk clerk, who insists that he already checked out, and when he returns to his room, he is greeted by two women, who invite him to the spa in an eerily similar manner to Natalya and Svetlana. After finding her teddy bear in the restroom she was supposed to be in, the Dutch Businessman searches for his missing daughter unaware that Paxton's train has just left. Unable to walk, Josh attempts to crawl to the door, but the Dutch Businessman slices his throat with a scalpel, killing him. Paxton begs in German to be let go.

    Hostel part 2 sex scene

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    Hostel 2 (german full)

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      Paxton is then ambushed by thugs and dragged down a hallway, passing by several rooms where other people are being gruesomely tortured. Paxton escapes the factory but returns after hearing cries for help.

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      This hostel is a front for a criminal organization that kidnaps young backpackers and auctions off the right to torture and murder them.

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