• How to choke someone during sex


    You can cause some serious damage. Get a feel of where it lies on your neck before you try on another person. Have you ever seen a lioness carry cubs grabbing their neck with its teeth? So if a woman does ask you to choke her during sex, now you know why and how. Of course, if you do this for long, she can lose consciousness. Pulling hair or giving a light slap are great assets to use during sex, but both are quick sensations that come to an end relatively quickly.

    How to choke someone during sex

    Think about your favorite roller coaster. For any couple who is into rape play or another type of forced sex scene, choking during sex fits right in. Let us just stick to basics. Crossing the two prominent veins. I love having her trapped and strapped by her wrists and ankles. Discuss with your partner and decide on a safe word. Use safe words and safe signals. Some girls grab the back of their hair or neck. This is not the goal at all. This is something I ought to pay attention to. And the physiological effects, including blacking out which is definitely dangerous and not recommended and shortness of breath can enhance the experience. An orgasm can only occur when there blood flow is present. She wants to be choked because she wants you to dominate her. These are things I should have been asking about either during sex or after. Continue to apply pressure and then release in pulses. You have to apply pressure on the carotid artery. It can be even easier to cut off the windpipe or larynx. In fact, my 1 favorite thing to use in the bedroom is bed restraints. We recommend doing it the first time during regular sex without a blindfold or ball gag. You could grab the back of her neck and squeeze while also putting your other hand around her throat. Most of the times, just the idea of your hands on her neck gets her off. Choking during sex is not advised for pregnant women, the elderly and people with epilepsy, who are more at risk than healthy adults. Consider this Choking It is only fun when both parties enjoy it. Choke the Bitch You may have heard the saying:

    How to choke someone during sex

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    • Tam

      I really enjoy performing oral sex on a woman for this same reason — I like to make them feel like they are a queen and that I will do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want as long as it please her. So call her your slut.

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      Some medical professionals would advise against choking no matter how healthy you are. So when you have your hand on her neck, she feels you have absolute control.

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