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    Nothing however beats having the vibe in your hand and testing it out before you are ready to chase your climax, so be sure and go through all the buttons on your vibe to test them out against your hand for example. Starting off with high settings can, for some women, simply make the g-spot over-sensitive, and non-responsive. Get Used to the Vibration Settings When you chose your rabbit vibrator , you likely bought it after watching a product video which most reputable sex toy retailers have on their site. Slowly slide the remainder of the shaft inside your vagina. Keep some spares in the drawer, just in case you need a quick change over when you realise the ones in the toy are flat. We recommend using a specific sex toy cleaner after each use all over the toy; leave to dry before storing away safely for your next play session.

    How to use rabbit sex toy

    Remove any residues, lubricant, etc. The key to using a rabbit vibrator successfully every time is all in the preparation and learning about your toy. Why not use the shaft as it vibrates against your nipples or use the bunny ears to touch against his sensitive perineum; the possibilities are many and the fun endless! If you were not to use a lubricant, then it might be too dry, even if you are very excited. We suggest turning on your favourite music; you might even consider a creating a dedicated self-love playlist to really set the scene. Here are some additional thoughts and ways to enjoy your rabbit vibrator. Understanding how to use your rabbit vibe is important so that you can get the most from the toy in terms of stimulation and sensation. Give it a try! A different body angle creates a different entry angle and can dramatically change the way your orgasm will feel. Storage - Store your toy in a cloth satchel or bag to prevent it from being contaminated with other substances. Batteries can leak if enough time goes past, and batteries will corrode the connectors in the battery compartment; this may well render the toy non-functional, or toxic. In the shower — try both! Sharing is Caring - With a Partner - Invite your partner to join you in the rabbit vibrator experience. You never know, it could become a regular thing! Place the vibrator in the crook of your arm at the inside of your elbow joint to create a similar feeling to your vagina, sounds strange but it is true , to feel the vibrations. Watch this famous scene from Sex and the City where the Rabbit Vibe is introduced. Some ladies like to push the rabbit all in using just one swift move, while others like to slowly slip it in. Get Used to the Vibration Settings When you chose your rabbit vibrator , you likely bought it after watching a product video which most reputable sex toy retailers have on their site. Once you feel ready, turn the ears off and slide the rabbit slowly into your vagina. Once the rabbit is placed a few inches inside you, at this stage you should turn on the shaft vibrations to your preferred setting after testing it out earlier on your hand. Remove the batteries - Always remove batteries from vibrators and all electronic devices for that matter; this is important if you are unsure when you will next be using the toy. Acquaint yourself with the controls, and ensure you know which button to press to change the setting while you are mid-session. So splash out and buy two! How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator How to use a rabbit vibrator Learning how to use a rabbit vibrator is a right of passage for most women when they are first starting using vibrators. Try turning the Rabbit on - flick the switch to make sure that it is working in the first place and then find a setting that you believe you would like to try first. Other locations - In the bath? Once you have had your orgasm, then maybe describe what you felt, how good it was, then ask if he wants to have some vibration stimulation too!

    How to use rabbit sex toy

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    How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator? Quick and Easy Sex Toy Tutorial

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      Anal - maybe your rabbit vibrator could be used to experiment with some anal? Use the Settings - Experiment with the vibration patterns, and learn how to use best the vibration through the shaft and the rabbit ears to suit your body and your orgasm.

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      You can introduce him to the rabbit, show him how to use it, tell him what you like, and how it feels, and then show him how to use it on you. This would feel wonderfully stimulating and could be considered a feeling similar to anal tongue rimming but for this play, you should definitely use lube and even specifically anal lube which is of a thicker consistency.

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