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    The film is named after him. The Disney movie bumps her up to a major character. Megara has a sultry, husky voice, atypical of both Disney female Love Interests in general and female characters in the movie. It may be due to Hades expecting Herc to die anyway, but he still ignored the letters of the deal. During his fight with Nessus.

    Hurcules meg sex

    Disneys portrayal of him makes him significantly older, enough to have trained many figures of Greek Mythology. Hercules meets Megara when rescuing her from a monstrous centaur. Due to Gerald Scarfe being the main stylistic influence on Hercules, she stands out from other Disney heroines with her stylized design including an impossibly small waist. Neither the original Zeus nor the original Hera were good people. Back from the Dead: His wins against monsters not only made him famous and loved by all, but also pretty rich. Called "Herc" by his friends. It's not wonder Herc is infatuated at first sight. It's revealed he went out with other girls during his high school career, and actually met Megara in his teens but they both were induced to forget all that in the end. In terms of sports, Hercules is the ultimate athlete. A double subversion in that he's doing heroic deeds to regain his godhood, but later realizes that he should be doing good for good's sake. Took a Level in Badass: His mortal parents really love him and Hercules seems to accept both his earthly and heavenly parents as legit. Hera has a slight case of anti-gravity in her hair, marking her divine status. He could keep on coming! Hey, isn't that the goat man who trained Achilles? Philoctetes was barely involved in the original Heracles myth, only playing a part in it after Hercules had died. Meg is bitter and distant due to her past, but learns to open up again after falling for Hercules. I Gave My Word: Both are compassionate and kind Gods. Eh, nice job on those heels! Found by his mortal adoptive parents as a baby after he was kidnapped by Pain and Panic. Subverted; he just fell right through and couldn't even lay a hand on Hades. Comes into effect in the animated series as he needs to watch over his mortal father's flock of sheep, even giving birth to a lamb from within the Underworld. At least they would if I had any friends. He's got an impressive wingspan.

    Hurcules meg sex

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      As a teenager, he couldn't control his Super Strength and constantly broke things, tripped on his feet, etc. Here, Hercules is her son and no mention of Zeus cheating on her is ever brought up, so the adaptation portraying Hera as the kind, patient and level-headed of the two.

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      To represent his naive and cheerful personality. Lampshaded to at least have the personality to fit this trope by Meg.

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