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    Willem's Wereld by Aloys Oosterwijk In the s and 70s underground comics reacted to the implementation of the Comics Code by drawing comics about any controversial subject they could think of - mostly sex. This goes to show that what is considered titillating in one culture, may be viewed as criminal in another. Not a single original has been found so far, probably due to the military censorship that was happening at that time. Eros eventually gets involved too, incorporating aerial acrobatics and lots of sex on Mount Olympus. Where lesbians are concerned, they can be found in abundance in mainstream, heterosexual pornography - but a few of them cater especially to lesbian and bi-sexual women.

    Illustrated sex comics

    Disclaimer and Closing Comments There are quite a few artists in the Comiclopedia that have participated in the erotic genre. Don't hesitate to give it all a try now! His small publications were circulated underground during the s and s. The sensuality in a drawing of the naked hero standing outside in the elements comes from the rendition of the rain, as much as from the nudity. Where lesbians are concerned, they can be found in abundance in mainstream, heterosexual pornography - but a few of them cater especially to lesbian and bi-sexual women. After a night of many pleasures, the men return to their day jobs: Erotic comics For most artists, "erotic" means the depiction of what arouses their desire - which is usually a beautiful young woman or man, with little or no clothes on. Nowadays the work of Alcides has achieved cult status. Italian artist Franco Saudelli together with his artistic wife Francesca Casotto , who often modelled for him was a master at depicting feet in such a way, that even the ones that have no sexual interest in them, start to understand the fascination some others have. Most of the artists remained anonymous, but it is known that Wesley Morse created a few. Especially in the s and 30s, there was a production of so-called 'Tijuana Bibles' or 'eight-pagers' - little comic books consisting of 8 pages, with a sex parody featuring film-stars or even comic characters. For some this was just a juvenile phase, others have developed this particular interest into a professional production, to entertain and satisfy an audience of millions of fans of the graphic arts. A new generation of consumers is discovering his work, partly due to the use of his drawings in record covers and advertising. It's even better than the real thing! Comics with a sexual content are always bound - or at least influenced - by the current cultural taboos. It is very rare to find a similar publication in other Latin American countries. In Japan, many sex comics manga deal with sex between or with underaged teenagers - the depiction of which is considered pedophilia in most Western comics. Many familiar Brazilian sambas are his. Greek Love , illustrated by Adam Graphite, imagines the pink-winged god Eros plunging his arrows into the hearts of a helmeted hero and a handsome cow herder. And as such, we will feature some original works that you will find no where else. As for his publications, the process was always the same. Stanton , Eneg and Willie in his book 'The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline' have brought this genre to artistic heights. The warm yellow glow cast by the lighters foreshadows a passionate night ahead. Sex and humoristic comics Sex and humor don't mix too well in real life, but in comics they provide a complete genre, which allows readers to secretly snigger at sexually explixit scenes without risk of being associated with the perversity that accompanies hard core pornography. From the moment when comic artists first learned how to handle a pencil, many have used their talent to draw sexually explicit scenes, within cultures all over the world. All the kinkiest XXX scenes you can imagine, all the sexiest cock-hungry bitches - on our top-quality exclusive porn comics!

    Illustrated sex comics

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      In today's advertising-driven world, it is unfortunate that many prominent Internet search engines feel they must 'protect' you from seeing depictions of basic human sexuality, except when selling consumer products. It is not our intention to promote or endorse any sexually explicit comics or artists, but merely to educate our visitors about some of the brave artists who have done erotic comics, often against the social mores and prudish values which exist in many modern cultures.

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