Who Are We? 

We are all proud to be members of the GLBTI community.Some of us have been out and proud for decades. Some of us are newcomers. Some of us are married, some divorced, some single. Our occupations are as varied as our ages, personalities and backgrounds.  We are all non-judgemental and we will respect the confidentiality of everyone who contacts us.

Where Are We?

Gay Wellington’s premises are in Anvil House, 138-140 Wakefield Street, Wellington.  You can also find us on facebook.  Our activities are focused on the queer communities within the Wellington region, with School’s Out groups reaching as far as the Kapiti Coast.  Our Gay & Lesbian Helpline is open to callers from across the country and in 2012 we plan to partner up with OutlineNZ and help with their national 0800 helpline service.

What Do We Do?

Our activities and groups change from time to time.  The main groups underway at present are listed below. You can find more information about each group on the main menu page:

  • The Wellington Gay & Lesbian Helpline – an information and advice phone service for the local queer community (Sunday–Wednesday, 7.30pm-9.30pm)
  • School’s Out – a programme that runs a social and support group for queer youth of school age
  • Tranzform – a support group for trans/gender queer/gender non conforming youth under 30 years of age
  • Newcomers, a coming out and support group for gay/bi men
  • The lesbian drop-in, a coming out and support group for women
  • The Cuthbert fund – a source of funds put aside to provide financial support to gay men with HIV.