Gay WellingtonThank you for thinking about donating to us!

Here is our 2012 donation wishlist.  If you donate to us, we will spend your donation on at least one of these five initiatives:

1. Advertise our services more
2. Employ a third School's Out facilitator to provide education in schools
3. Deliver more training to our helpline and School's Out volunteers
4. Provide financial support to Tranzform and to homeless GLBTI youth
5. Engage a researcher to conduct a survey and find out what else the GLBTI community would like Gay Wellington to provide.

You can make a donation to the Group by either sending us a cheque or making a deposit directly into our bank account. Contact us by phone on (04) 473 7878 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like more information.

Bank account details:

Account Name: Wellington Gay Welfare Group Inc.
Branch: Kiwibank, Business Banking Centre, 16-18 Marion Street, Wellington
Account Number: 38 - 9012 - 0255378 - 00

The Wellington Gay Welfare Group (Inc) has been registered with the Charities Commission as a charitable entity. The Group also has Donee Status, which means that individuals who donate to the Group can claim a tax rebate.

New Zealand’s tax law changes from 1 April 2008 provide greater incentives for individuals to donate more to charities. Major changes include the removal of the $1,890 threshold, meaning individual donors can now claim a 33.33% tax rebate for donations up to their net annual income. This simply means you can donate a greater amount this year and claim a tax rebate.

WGWG's charity registration number is CC32286. Information about us, including our annual financial details, is publicly available on the Charities Commission website. (Click here for the details)

Making a Bequest to the Wellington Gay Welfare Group (Inc)

Making a bequest in your will is perhaps the most personal commitment you can make towards the future of others in the Wellington gay and lesbian community. We value it highly because you have given us your trust.

A targeted bequest can enable you to identify a specific area of your choice. An example may be for the Wellington Gay Welfare Group to spend the bequest for the purposes of practical and emotional support of people affected by HIV.

Alternatively, your bequest could be described as an unrestricted or general gift, allowing the Group to allocate resources directly to the Helpline or when a particular opportunity develops. We guarantee that the money will be spent according to the instructions you make. The Group is pleased to record the bequest in your name as recognition of your support.

How to make a bequest

This is a simple procedure but one that requires care. It is advisable to work with a lawyer, the Public Trust or another qualified agency.

We offer the following wording to guide an entry in your will which can then be communicated to your legal representatives.

   “I gift to the Wellington Gay Welfare Group (Incorporated) the sum of $___ or ___(%) 
   percentage of my estate or the balance of my estate or the assets or property listed 
   below to be used for the specific purpose of ___ or as an unrestricted gift for which
   the receipt of the Wellington Gay Welfare Group (Incorporated) shall be sufficient 
   discharge to my trustees."

Once you have completed the arrangements for your bequest, we ask that you inform us that you have done so. This enables us to thank you and to keep you aware of activity the Wellington Gay Welfare Group.