The Cuthbert Fund

What Is The Cuthbert Fund?

Peter Cuthbert was a Wellingtonian who passed away in 1988. He was one of the first New Zealanders to contract HIV. Peter was a supporter, a proper-up of people, and a man who served his community and gave a great deal.

During the time of homosexual law reform Peter raised very large sums of money through the Friends of the Gay Task Force. Peter was also a member for many years of the Dorian Society and was an associate member of the 5 Star Motor Club in Auckland.

Upon his death, Peter left money to the Peter Cuthbert Trust, a fund to be used for "the practical and emotional support of people affected by HIV". In 2006 the Trust passed $162,000 on to the Wellington Gay Welfare Group and we agreed to use the funds to make grants to men who are located in the Wellington region and are affected with HIV/AIDS.

Who Is Eligible For Grants From The Cuthbert Fund?

Applicants must be men located in the Wellington region with HIV/AIDS who identify as part of the queer community. Grants will be made to assist applicants with a welfare need if they are unable to obtain assistance from WINZ or any other agency. The grant must make a meaningful impact on the recipient’s quality of life. There are several other criteria listed in the application forms. The maximum grant available to any applicant is $4,000.

The Awhina Centre will also receive vouchers from this fund up to the value of $2,000 per annum for people with HIV/AIDS regardless of their sexuality.

How Can You Apply For Grants From This Fund?

The primary contact should be the HIV specialist which is part of infectious diseases unit at Capital and Coast District Health (Wellington Hospital). They can help establish if you meet the criteria and then work with you to submit an application.