Last Updated: 03 May 2012




Some Newcomers have shared their experiences of the group, and how it has helped them deal with the issues they faced.



(May 2012):

speechBeing a gay man thinking of coming out, I joined Newcomers hoping to hear about the stories of others and how they found the whole coming out process. I have always been able to relate, in some way, to the stories shared by other members of the group and have been amazed by how much some members have gone through – it really puts my own reservations about coming out into perspective. I also like the informal and ‘no drama’ nature of the meetings as well as the support and honest advice the group provides.  I have been going to Newcomers for about three months now and would recommend it to anyone who is keen to give it a go.



(not his real name):

speech...I joined Newcomers after ending a relationship with my wife, who I had been married to for 5 years. I had no knowledge of my being gay until I experienced a very close encounter with another man - then I knew, and lots of thing fell into place for me. Newcomers has provided me with the opportunity to meet a number of gay men, and to share their stories. This process has helped me to understand what it is like to be gay, and also helped me to work through some of my practical issues with my former wife. I have been going to the group for about six months now, and have made good friends with a couple of the other members of the group..."




(not his real name):
speech...I joined Newcomers after having recently come out to my immediate family, and when I was wondering what to do next. After overcoming some initial trepidation, I quickly found support from a group of men who had been through similar experiences. What interested me most was how everyone in the group could identify with some part of my story, and I with some part of theirs. Attending Newcomers also enabled me to redefine certain events which had occurred in my life, and see how these had contributed to what had made me a gay man – joining dots to make connections which previously I had never known existed. I attended the group for over 12 months, and over that time I heard the same “stories” from the same men a number of times. What is interesting though is that I continued to take something new away from every meeting..."