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    Charlie was impressed with my acting in Femalien and asked me to audition for Head of the Family. I kept my lips sealed. What projects do you have in the works: Store Films from the Void: The script called for Otis to have covered me in a burlap sack.

    Jacqueline lovell sex scene

    The movie came across as creepy fun and I knew I could really sink my teeth into developing Loretta and putting all those acting classes to task. What Charlie was referring to was the scene towards the end of the movie when Otis played by Bob Schott carries Loretta down the stairs and out of the Stackpool house to freedom. What was the experience like? It holds up because the acting was solid, the script was funny and Charlie knows what works. As far as the future is concerned, I take it day-by-day. The script called for Otis to have covered me in a burlap sack. He was trying to figure out who she had been with and assumed it was a guy. Loretta is cheating on her husband, Howard, with the owner of the town diner, Lance. My involvement with Bride of the Head was limited. I first worked for Full Moon under their Surrender Cinema branch of films, which were more on the erotic side. Basically I read them and I hear the voices and the beats, the rhythm, I hear the accents. Were you ever contacted or involved with the plans for the potential sequel, Bride of the Head of Family? I love playing strong women — survivors. I watched Head of the Family again after all these years … I let my 16 year-old daughter watch it … and, yes, it holds up. What stands out for me about Head of the Family is a comment Charlie made when we were shooting one night on location at the Stackpool mansion. I had to wear a very skimpy outfit and they would tape the vest to my nipples each morning before shooting, so the vest would stay on. What projects do you have in the works: All of my experiences with Full Moon were amazing. If so, is there anything you can share about what the plans were? He flew me out to Romania to shoot Hideous in the middle of an icy winter. Which of the scenes were the pick-ups you shot afterward? The shooting schedule was originally 8 days long. I have my way of looking at scripts. When I first read the script for Head of the Family, I was very excited. Loretta multi-tasks in her mind while she has sex.

    Jacqueline lovell sex scene

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      Tracy May, who starred with me in Hideous, was asked to be the Bride and I think she may have gone in for a make-up test. I try to embrace all the writer wants, while allowing myself some creative freedom to bring elements I think will enhance the performance.

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      Perra, Myron is the absolute pinnacle of brilliance trapped in a failed body: It holds up because the acting was solid, the script was funny and Charlie knows what works.

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