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    The craziest thing I ever did was probably when I performed for a local farmer whose daughter was getting married soon. But the thing is, you aren't there for you, you're there for the client. She had me and two colleagues carry around a small pig each while we were all in just underwear while her and her friends kissed and caressed the pigs. So many blow jobs. Imagine what you feel like after rubbing one out after watching porn, then think about that, but with women trying to touch it. There's a scary amount of pressure on both the performers and participants, Nekrosis13 says. I worked as a male 'entertainer' for about a year. This big group of girls come in and just start tipping a bunch.

    Male strrippers sex

    I show up to the hotel room and start doing the lap dance thing. It was a slow Sunday night in June. Lots of women trying to touch you happens, and the first ones to grab your stuff are the last ones you'd want to have grab your stuff. The craziest thing I ever did was probably when I performed for a local farmer whose daughter was getting married soon. Turns out, they rented a suite at a hotel near the club and gave me their number to go do a private show when I was off. They said they all wanted to get lap dances. Friend's mom kept encouraging me to lose the shirt and since I really didn't know what the fuck to do to entertain them, I lost the shirt and took shots and did some horrific interpretation of a Magic Mike dance for the mother of a friend I've known since I was I know a few female strippers, and they're amazed with what women try to get away with because they're women. I ended up banging the maid of honor in front of everyone. To make matters even better, they were sisters. He was a male stripper, and his thing was to cath himself and fill his bladder with wine, then urinate it into the women's glasses. I've had women grab my little guy, tug it, dive at it with their mouth, and try to jam their dirty "white girl wasted" fingers up my ass. But the thing is, you aren't there for you, you're there for the client. I did feel sick a few times seeing how the brides were pressured into trying to cheat. Were there blow jobs? As most women would be totally drunk by the end of the night, and I'd be pretty tired and annoyed of all the screaming, usually I'd go home without actually going all the way with anyone. Do women get stupid and want to service you? I was a male "on-call" stripper for five years. They sent the man they called "Boyo" down to watch for the rest of the night, and one lady tried to get him to leave so they could "have more real fun". Gay men tipped better and were generally behaved for the most part. Sleeping with a drunk girl you don't know might sound like a great time to most guys, but I dunno, I just felt really bad if I even thought of it. I had only been working there for a couple months. I'm a nursing student and my instructor told me of a patient she had who came in with a UTI. There's nothing more wonderful than a pound, gay Polynesian man standing up for you to some nasty old women that apparently forgot how much objectification sucks. I took a break and called the company I work through. Free alcohol made it so much better, and you were either going to a very nice house, or a very nice hotel.

    Male strrippers sex

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