• Massagers having sex with clients


    This arousal should not be mistaken as a violation. She asked him to massage her breasts. This spoils the name of the industry. It is as much our professional duty to protect our clients from their momentary inclinations as it is to protect us from them. There are plenty of standalone spas and massage parlours who do allow all sorts of things to take place. During the session, he asked the therapist if they could both massage the lady, together. Leslie invited me to envision that my genitals were the center of the sun and the energy coming out of that region was the rays. Just because we therapists know the rules, we should not assume that clients share or know them as well.

    Massagers having sex with clients

    He appeared to be very nervous. A woman may get excited during a massage, but it is much easier for her to hide this than it is for a man. In the process of being touched I felt myself becoming aroused. It is completely normal to become aroused by caring touch. There are very few who see this is as a noble profession, who come in with an open mind and have no ill intentions. He asks for extra disposable underwear and even takes it home. The purpose of this article is to openly address these issues and offer creative alternatives to guarded responses. This is one reason why it is a good idea for therapists to have new clients pay for their sessions before they begin. There are less-extreme ways, however, that clients can violate the therapeutic relationship. There was a regular female client who asked for a particular therapist, a young boy. The session had to be terminated, and security was called in. One of our regular clients actually holds this pose throughout a treatment. Having spoken to more than one hundred massage therapists in the last year, I was interested to discover that almost all of them had encountered clients who requested some form of sexual activity as part of their massage sessions. Some people come in only for the chance to be touched by a woman. This concern is what keeps thousands of clients from receiving the depth of touch they seek but can rarely find. When a client is really open about his arousal and asks for help in dealing with it, I work with him to channel that energy to other parts of his body. If this were to happen, I could apologize for not having made my position clear before I started, and then state my boundaries. She asked him to massage her breasts. This arousal should not be mistaken as a violation. This can lead to a fixation on the draping that takes away from the flow and connection between the therapists and the client. Client confusion A client may request sexual favors during a massage based on an unclear idea as to what is being offered. Many therapists conclude that in order to avoid confusion during massage sessions, they must change the way they really like to massage. And he quit the job. No therapist wanted to tend to him a second time, so I asked a senior therapist what the matter was. It is an opportunity for therapists to deepen the relationship with their clients. She said he only wanted the area around his nipples massaged.

    Massagers having sex with clients

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