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    The wings and serpents together represent the polar opposites — the cthonic earth upon which snakes are doomed to crawl, and the air or pneuma, which is the sky and home of the stars and spirit. She was going to turn them all into pigs but Hermes gave the men an herb to protect them. Seen from Mercury the sun is three times bigger than seen from earth. Symbology Items associated with Hermes are few but very symbolic. Hermes proclaimed ignorance regarding the animals, even coming up with a fabricated story as an alibi. Hermes knew that he stood no chance against the gorgeous Apollo, so he tried to trick him. Instead it killed him.

    Mercury messenger god sex merchandise

    Mercury was also frequently used in make-up products used for instance in Venitian circles in the 16th century and countless women from the Edwardian period onward in Europe: As ancient wisdom, alchemy traveled to Europe where it was often practiced in secret running against doctrines of official religion because of the use of sulpher in combination with mercury, the sulpher brimstone smell was connected to the devil ; and later against the doctrines of modern science. Hermes saved Odysseus one other time, along with his men, from the sorceress Circe. The hero had been kept captive by the nymph ever since he shipwrecked on her island. But what about his sex affairs? Both Apollo and Hermes liked her. Family Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia. I still have to dive into lead, but clearly, mercury is the first element in this search to follow the metals… Sub Menu. We will soon post an invoking ritual for Hermes as we did with Apollo here. Mercury, Ermis Who Is Hermes? Hermes became known for his helpfulness, especially with the other gods. Home Audiovisual Video experiments Follow the Mercury Follow the Mercury Mercury is heavy, dark and full of secrets, hiding many faces. Hermes is great mage also. Mercury can designate Egyptian Toth, Greek Hermes or Roman Mercury, the messenger of the ancient mythological Gods; it is also the name of the planet closest to the sun and hence considered as messenger of the sun ; and it is the name of the silvery liquid metal mercury Hg , also known as quicksilver. His sandals have wings, a tribute to his speed. It is, then, not peculiar that the temple of Apollo in Thebes was guarded by a statue of Hermes. Hermaphroditus , Priapus and Pan Symbols: He loved Aphrodite and together they had two children, Hermaphroditus and Priapus. What is very special is that when mercury is synthesized again with sulpher, an artificial red powder, called vermillion, re-appears. His staff symbolizes his power and his winged sandals symbolize his speed. The wings and serpents together represent the polar opposites — the cthonic earth upon which snakes are doomed to crawl, and the air or pneuma, which is the sky and home of the stars and spirit. Hermes the Trismegistus and God Hermes are two totally different beings. Maybe he had none. Trade is, after all, a formalised interface between individuals where both seek to benefit… As human competitiveness knows no such boundaries, Mercury was also considered the god of magic, tricksters and thieves! But Zeus knew the truth and demanded that Hermes return the animals. One particular example is the work of Austrian alchemist Paracelsus , who introduced alchemy into medicine, and even claimed that he had been able to create a human being from mercury a homunculus.

    Mercury messenger god sex merchandise

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      So this is almost a homosexual love affair of Apollo, but a lesbian one. The character of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland has a source in historic reality.

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      He made an instrument from its shell. If you want to please Hermes offer him spring water, honey, pig meat and lamp meat.

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      Also Zeus decided that Eros should keep his wings, but because Hermes was promised wings should have his own and asked Hephaestus to make a winged cap and winged sandals for Hermes.

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