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    It's clearer now that she's an exceptional talent. The year we share in the movie is without sex for Natalie and Ross because Natalie has a brain aneurism. Natalie wakes up in hospital feeling like the train from the earlier film really did fall on her. It's the same in this new film, which covers a good selection of life's speed bumps with equal amounts of humour and anxiety. There's a strong sense that raising a family now comes with unforeseen difficulties.

    My year without sex

    Their children are feral, their lives unexamined - and one of the questions here is whether the unexamined life really isn't worth living. For example, she gives us the sense that the scale of a drama depends on who's having it. On the morning of Ross's 39th birthday, they're having more than a cuddle when seven-year-old Ruby Portia Bradley bursts into the bedroom with daddy's present. Adding insult to injury at these particularly sensitive times is a sexed-up ad culture that pitches nasal spray and chicken burgers as legitimate means to get your end away. Can you rely on faith as a crutch to get you through? The film is in 12 chapters, with a different label for each month. Can you make your own luck? As this mayhem unfolds, William McInnes, as a journalist, learns he has cancer. Natalie and Ross's best friends are a richer couple Katie Wall and Fred Whitlock , who spend their time making money, arguing and shopping. I loved the underlying message too - even if there aren't always answers, just asking the question can be enough. She writes about stuff that's real and direct and sort of normal - children, home life, romance, illness and always, always, the fear of death - but with a warmth, humour and emotional intelligence that's disarming. Watt started as an animator, which taught her brevity, as well as directness. The casting is superb. Her brother, Louis Jonathan Segat , who's 12, just rolls his eyes and wheels her out. Perfectly complemented by a beautifully understated performance from her husband Ross, Sacha Horler Natalie in particular stars. The children, Louis and Ruby, are delicious - again, they're normal, whatever that may be. Advertisement These are shown as animation combined with live action, in about two minutes of screen time. Her confidence with actors is stronger, too: The disorganisation the family lives in becomes a metaphor for what's going on inside Natalie's mind, and Ross' assembling of Ikea flat-pack storage so they can put things away is a beautiful parallel for Natalie's looking at her options. It was clear from Look Both Ways that Watt was an original talent. This is only the start of her year of troubles and recovery, during which she's not allowed to do many things - sneezing, straining on the toilet, and especially not sex. A year without sex is actually one of the lesser challenges that Watt tackles, with stout heart and a rich instinct for human comedy. Is a life lived carefully a live lived to the full? Her ability to write complex comedy about complex characters is uncommon in Australian cinema. Their son sits on the edge of the hospital bed wearing headphones and watching the football grand final. Louis has tears in his eyes, too, because Footscray has just lost the game.

    My year without sex

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