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    Five women among the 10 clerks on the programme who were offered full-time clerk positions at the end of the summer declined Russell McVeagh's offer, a highly unusual outcome. Victoria has a clear pathway for reporting sexual violence and harassment, whether it happens on campus or off campus. I even went to a counsellor to learn what I was doing to attract this kind of attention. The men in question were in their sixties. In fact, despite having previously been a mentor and supporter of my work, he refused to talk to me for two years.

    Nzx sex

    I resented the imposition on my time and my emotional equilibrium. Armed with statements from the complainants, and in the interests of student safety, the universities took the matter up with Russell McVeagh directly and the firm committed to overhaul the clerk programme and change alcohol-related policies. While LawTalk has a policy of identifying the author of each article, we fully respect her reasons for anonymity: I even went to a counsellor to learn what I was doing to attract this kind of attention. If you have any information, email sasha. In the second case a similarly senior man Man 2 invited me to meet with him to discuss the prospect of working with him on something important. But when we do try to tell you that we might have had a rougher road to tread than our male colleagues, when we talk about sexism, and ask for support from our colleagues and institutions, then please be willing to listen. My health and work suffered I realise that all this is nothing compared to the sexual harassment and abuse that many women endure in their professional and personal lives. The men in question were in their sixties. This means that we only recruit as many summer clerks as we need for graduate positions. In both cases, my health and work suffered as a result of the stress — particularly in the case of Man 1 who was always in the office. What would a heartbroken older suitor do if his young love interest overtly rejected him? What might people take from this? I emerged from both encounters feeling entrapped. How could it be? Because of privacy issues, it was unable to discuss any direct dealings with Russell McVeagh. Man 1 was contrite and apologetic but resumed the same behaviour a few months later. He was there every day when I went to work. He would come into my office all the time, tried to move me away from my peers and into his part of the building; told me that he had wanted to kiss me. In the first case a very senior lawyer Man 1 asked if I could come in on the weekend to work with him on a file. These were not requests; I was simply being informed about what was happening. I went but immediately regretted it so the next time I tried the brush off. A third incident was at a Wellington venue, El Horno Bar. We also witnessed genuine concern for the students involved. Do not use work pretences to get people into your lair or to get into theirs.

    Nzx sex

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      My second hope is that men reading this will get a bit more of a sense of the kind of difficulties female lawyers sometimes encounter in the workplace.

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      In this article, I want to outline two comparatively minor but nonetheless very difficult incidents which I experienced as a young lawyer. In both instances, at the very last minute.

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