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    I don't know what I expected him to do with this info, but he was really nice about it and not pervy. As are single dimensional characters. If the author wanted to make more of a point of it, he could have dwelled on what the rape did to the victim. But, why write something like this? I can't remember specifically, but I did eventually end up reading all three books a few years later. Had someone else write it and then it might have been a decent book.

    Pages of pillars of the earth sex scenes

    Do not think you learned anything upon completion. After I read that chapter from Roth, my own writing changed — and not just in stories. When I close my eyes and try to remember, I see fragments that may or may not be attached to the right books: If I have yet to be clear about my feelings toward this book, read on. The characters initally seem promising. So, in other words: I didn't start writing and reading seriously until I was in my early 20s, and so the first sex scenes I remember reading were from Mary Gaitskill's Bad Behavior when I was still in college. If the author did not want to dwell on the rape, but to make the point that it did occur, he could have mentioned it and moved, quickly, on. Too bad I had to wade through pages of dreck to find it. Did Follett know that literate people were few and far between at the time? Many years later, I attended a book party for Ken in Erica Jong's apartment and couldn't resist telling him that he was the author of my sexual awakening. The two main women are surprise, surprise spunky and independent—and literate. I don't know how old I was, but I had read all the Judy Blume I could find and then was super indignant there were ones I hadn't read. I was probably 10 or 11 or 12 when I found a how-to sex manual by Margaret and Peter Blood. We asked some of our favorite writers, editors and literati to reflect on the very first sex scene that they read. At first, I had hopes that it might be on the literary side. This is a soap opera of the highest degree. There were times when I was thoroughly engrossed in the story. Follett dwells on the physical attractions of the girl, her complete powerlessness, how much she is hurt, and how much the rapist enjoys the rape. I loved that the text was so illicit it had to be handed off to me in private, like a schoolyard drug deal. Rape, murder, political intrigue, starvation, adoption, sex in the forest, women dying in childbirth, evil men getting fat…good lord. I wish more literature felt that debaucherous. So I was maybe 11? Need you ask what the first sex scene I read was? Dear reader, this book is not up to snuff.

    Pages of pillars of the earth sex scenes

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      A tasteful, intelligent book, but my study of it was made more complicated by the fact that I actually knew the Bloods.

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      The text itself fucked with my head; it was explosive and revelatory, not seedy and cloistered.

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      So what will I do about this? I was in the fourth grade, searching for words in the book I wasn't sure how to define:

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      At pages, I was hurling the book across the room. Put simply, this book does not need to be pages long.

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