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    For more by Margaret Paul, Ph. If your partner has to have sex with you for you to feel that you are okay, that may be a turnoff to your partner. The mystery is in the newness! If your partner knows everything about you because you have stopped learning, growing and changing, boredom can set in. Connect with Margaret on Facebook: The popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey series attests to this.

    Passionate sex photography

    People who have this harmonious sexual passion find it easy to integrate sex with other aspects and activities in their lives, allowing them to more fully enjoy sexual activity in a spontaneous and uninhibited manner. If you tend to be controlling in a judgmental way while making love, this may be a turnoff to your partner. I've worked with many men who are not attracted to their wives because their wives are needy and demand sex to feel okay about themselves. Is conflict something you have to win, or are you willing to learn from it? Good sex also needs some mystery. Knowing you are very important to your partner can give you the safety to be free in the bedroom -- to experiment with things you've never done before, to let your partner in on your fantasies, to create some mystery such as special date nights where one partner is in charge of the day or the evening. And it's not just heterosexual couples who struggle with this. When you have learned to love and value yourself, then making love with your beloved is a way to express your love rather than a way to get love and validation. While love is much more than skin deep, it's definitely sexy to some people see their partner taking physical care of his or her physical health and fitness. But a new series of studies may just provide the key to unlocking the ultimate sexual satisfaction. A boring relationship can lead to boring sex. Often, once they live together, they get busy and no longer set aside time to be together. Even if you are only controlling in the relationship outside of the bedroom and not in the bedroom, this can affect the attraction. They tend to have an absence of conflict in their relationships and have less sexually intrusive thoughts throughout the day. Staying Fit, Healthy and Sexy Many people work hard to stay fit while dating and then let themselves go after getting married. Date nights or date days on a weekend work wonders! Newness Relationships get boring when there is nothing new happening, and they flourish when each partner continues to learn and grow in the relationship. And according to the latest research , this is actually making us a lot less satisfied with sex. One of the quickest ways of losing your passion for your partner is to give yourself up to avoid rejection. Aliveness in the bedroom comes from aliveness in the relationship, which comes from the spontaneous flow that occurs when people feel safe with each other -- safe to be who they really are, knowing they will be accepted. What are they doing differently than the complaining couples? Women especially want their man to be in their power -- not coming to them like a needy little boy. Yet, some couples deeply enjoy their lovemaking with each other even in very long-term relationships. While these are the main ways my clients have brought passion back in their relationships, I'm certain there are many more ways. Control Most people like to be in control, but they hate being controlled. Safety, by Allowing Each Other to Be Truly Important to Each of You Speaking of 50 Shades of Grey, aside from the raunchiness of these books, there is much in them about creating a truly loving relationship that maintains passion. Whimn The results showed that obsessive sexual passion was also linked to interest in alternative partners, violent reactions to romantic rejection and the disintegration of romantic relationships over time.

    Passionate sex photography

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      Women especially want their man to be in their power -- not coming to them like a needy little boy. They did not allow their fears of rejection or their fears of engulfment the two common fears that often get in the way of creating a loving relationship to get in the way of their love -- at least not permanently.

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