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    While they were busy discussing the payoff, the Preda team went into the house with the mother and found Isabel. Ms Legarda said the Philippines must also raise awareness of the crime and the country's anti-trafficking law - to deter abusers and encourage the public to report cases - and teach children how to better protect themselves offline and online. The victims of domestic trafficking are mostly young men and women from the remote areas in the Visayas and Mindanao. But on top of its strategic location, human trafficking thrives in this city because of effective parental consent, according to Rebecca Magante, chief of the local social welfare and development office and secretariat head of LIATFAT. The children of the Philippines are especially vulnerable and in desperate need of help.

    Philippines sex slavery

    The city with its large seaport is a traditional crossing point to nearby Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. Among the main causes of child trafficking in the Philippines are poverty, poor economic development, limited employment opportunities, large family sizes, inadequate awareness among families, and the profitable business of child sex tourism. If China is known for harvesting and selling organs from executed prisoners, the other countries have been dealing essentially with living donors, becoming stakeholders in the fast-growing human trafficking web. Organisations such as the United Nations' children's agency Unicef say the Philippines is the epicentre of a growing cyber sex trafficking trade, with many children forced to perform sex acts, abused and raped by relatives in front of a webcam. The relative turned out to be a broker for a human trafficking syndicate, but decided to keep Quezo as his personal slave. Then one day, her captor forgot to lock the gates and Quezo escaped, only to end up lost in the dank alleys of Manila's slums, working odd jobs that paid enough to buy food and the clothes on her back. The result is pending. The investigation led CoStar across the globe: Libanan informed Arroyo that the BI strictly implemented her directive for the agency to take the lead in stopping the escort racket to safeguard and protect the interest of overseas Filipino workers. Also, many times, the parents are the ones who push their children by consenting that they go with the perpetrators. Child sex trafficking often occurs in the clandestine enclosures of private residences, where knowing taxi drivers facilitate arrangements for child sex tourists. The numbers may be even higher, however, because of the difficulty in accurately tracking numbers in all the country's regions. It is the consensus that poverty is the root cause of victims of human trafficking. But the police we had with us were from a different station. Illegal recruiters continue to lure women and even minors from impoverished communities nationwide to work overseas as maids or entertainers. Batapa is seeking for the accreditation of local Non-Government Organizations that will fulfill the lack of manpower and competence to handle the victims. A dirty secret in the Philippines: The children of the Philippines are especially vulnerable and in desperate need of help. For three years, the young girl worked for him as a cook, nanny and maid -- and was not paid a cent. But against their will, they were allegedly made sex slaves and were not allowed to go out of the building where they are housed. The girls were teenagers and one of then had a baby. Lasala said Fajardo brought them to nightclub where they had to work 20 hours a day providing sex during their day stay. The pimps arrived and began to argue with the police claiming that they had an understanding with the police chief. The path to recovery of Isabel and Irene Source: Latest News in Philippines. Aside from going after the human traffickers so that they will not be able to continue their illegal activities, the solution really is helping the families to have sufficient resources.

    Philippines sex slavery

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    Philippines Sex Trafficking Raid

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      On the other hand, Director Finardo Cabilao of DSWD Central Office noted in his message the increasing incidence in the country of human trafficking or commoditizing human beings, including such activities as selling of body organs, mail order brides, hard labor and prostitution which are becoming customary in nature. For three years, the young girl worked for him as a cook, nanny and maid -- and was not paid a cent.

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      Human trafficking - Editorial www. Quezo is now rebuilding her life, learning livelihood skills that should help her reintegrate into society.

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      There are still more than 40 other Filipinas in the sex den and more are being recruited, they said.

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      The devastation and chaos caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan in November created an environment of human misery that was ripe for human traffickers and others seeking to profit from the ensuing humanitarian crisis. The offer is usually tempting for families that cannot afford send their children in the next school season," he said.

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