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    Kissing and touching are the best way to enjoy having sex. This is the funny thing. In that case just start with the simple things like dishes. You may be forgetful like me. Exercising the muscles that control ejaculation can help you last longer. More often than not, your partner will LOVE the fact that they are turning you on in some way, and it will turn them on more. The best way to have sex is by not thinking too much about it, just go with the flow, and you will find that first time sex was good.

    Process making sex wife

    It happens because you are anxious and this is your first time. This is very true with my wife. You or your partner then gently squeeze the part of the penis where the underside of the head meets the shaft. If a man is turned on, his penis should be erect so that it can more easily enter the anus or the vagina, depending on the type of sex you are having. Your wife needs to know what you think about her. Make sure that you go easy on your lady love; do not demand for things that might make her feel very uncomfortable, and also do take steps out of the blue that would take her by surprise. She needs to know you find her desirable. Check out our how to have sex pages for more tips on protection. You still want to be present and stay focused on pleasing your partner. Try to only tighten those muscles that help control urination and passing gas. This makes us nervous and we lose out confidence, which will turn the entire experience upside down. The most important thing is to stay relaxed and calm. She needs to be comfortable, and if you are not calm then this is not going to happen. Honestly, if they did, I would worry. Have fun Once when you are aware that it is going to happen then you should just take your time and enjoy. For your benefit we have brought to you first time sex steps for men and women separately. Have confidence We have sex with our partner in hopes of making the experience enjoyable for him and her, and therefore we are most times wondering whether our partner would like the experience or not. While feeling emotionally ready is essential, being prepared with protection will do wonders to put your mind at ease and increase enjoyment. If you feel like your marriage is struggling, or even failing, there is hope. Talk to him regarding anything and everything that may be bothering you. But this is sometimes—oftentimes—more difficult to accomplish than one might think. Sexual performance can be a sensitive subject. Approach sex like a sensual dance instead of just a series of rapid movements. Sex — beyond being a completely natural, physical activity — is an emotional one as well. The best thing to do is communicate. Exercising the muscles that control ejaculation can help you last longer.

    Process making sex wife

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