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    The breed was somewhat different than the Man-Man, where the large strong Mandingo was paired with the short, petite Mandarin. After their nipples were pierced, Sophia slept the girls one on top of the other, attached by head harnesses, nipple rings, and anklets, and toe cuffs. But we need to follow a schedule. As the shipping season approached both Sophia and her mother worked ten-hour days making sure that all details had been tended to. So we need to use him for breeding, to create the next generation of human horses that will serve you and your future daughters. Mistress Madera was the best pony girl breeder in the world. She slept on her back with legs up, so the sperm would have an opportunity to soak in. Mistress Madera was a hands-on breeder, spending her days in the barns, supervising the entire insemination process.

    Race ponyboy breeder sex stories

    Now I am going to let you go about your morning, and I am expecting to have Steven ready for my afternoon ride in the stables after lunch. The Stud slave enters her from the rear six times a day, shooting his seed deep inside her. Over one hundred slave girls were kept in the breeding barns. One Zulu pony name Tumid did so well that Mistress Sophia gave her a personal body slave of her own. The average Mandarin breeding slave was able to get pregnant six weeks after giving birth. The worthless bitches that used to carry my palanquin? After running a long race, they were capable of long hours of lovemaking. The plantation consisted of a grand main house and several barn-like structures. Finally Mistress Madera decided to stop arguing about the three of them and gave her daughter both girls as a birthday present. Each summer a small sailing ship would embark from Cuba to the southern coast of the United States with a dozen Man-Mans in the hold. During the peak-breeding season, the female slave is hooded and placed on her belly, ass held in a slightly elevated position. Champion Zulu were often allowed studs and Man-Man female slaves to pleasure them, especially if they did well in the racing competition. When an American Mistress purchases a Man-Man she has to adjust her thinking. Steven was also at her service behind close doors. Often these girls are sold while still pregnant, but occasionally they give birth before being shipped off to their new home. Miles of jungle swamp surrounded the Madera plantation so there was no need for high walls or fences. He truly belongs to me. Each girl is kept in her own stall. They also had ships that traveled to China and the orient bringing back specialty slaves that were used in the slave-breeding business. Her Mulatto coloring, large milking breasts, thin waist and gorgeous face made Sophia wet. Supplied for exclusive use on SirJeff's Ponygirls website. I decided to give you full independence for the first month or so, and you have not disappointed. In , the Madera family controlled the Cuban slave trade. When pregnancy is achieved, the female slave is sent to work in the gardens until it is birthing-time. As they got older and into the teenage years Mistress Madera made it clear to her daughter that these were slaves and should be treated as such, but a bond developed between them and Mistress Sophia often sought them out to play. Her secret was using large Mandingo warriors with Mandarin female slaves.

    Race ponyboy breeder sex stories

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    Epigenetics of Slave Breeding: Sex, Violence and Memory in African American History

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      She showed him her hand with the birthmark, which immediately caused him to lower his face all the way to the floor as a sign of complete submission.

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      Twin Man-Mans are the most valuable. Over one hundred slave girls were kept in the breeding barns.

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      Mistress Madera lived in the main house with her family and household staff while the barn-like structures housed the slaves. The time will come for you to have intercourse with him, to generate more Princesses and perhaps some male servants for the palace.

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