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    It supplies nerves to the bladder, anus, perineum, penis, areas around the scrotum and the clitoris. If you get too caught up on what they look like, you'll miss out on the good feelings they can bring you or your sexual partners. Once you understand how the brain — what it is, what it does, all the systems it controls and responds to — is our largest and most important sexual organ, it's a lot easier to see why we, as a people, can be so sexually diverse and experience any kind of sex so differently. During sexual arousal, it becomes swollen with blood and compresses the outer third of the vagina along with the vestibular bulbs which house the Bartholin's glands and urethral sponge. Hopefully all of that's obvious now, too. If you or a potential partner are totally freaked about seeing labia or having them seen or other body parts , that can be a good hint you're just moving too fast.

    Sex cutaway

    They look different enough most of the time: With partners, take the time to find out about areas on both of your bodies you each tend to find sensitive and sexually arousing, really focusing on exploring ALL of your body, and communicating to each other where those sensitive areas are. Androgens play a part in erection and response of the penis, the clitoris and the vagina. Remember all those parts that came before this: The pubococcygeus muscle PC muscle which some people call Kegel muscles is also in the perianal region. The anus -- the external opening to the rectum, visible between your butt cheeks -- is surrounded by two concentric rings of muscle: Same goes for pressure on the mons or outer labia. Try it for yourself: The perineal sponge is also in this region in people born with a vulva. Given all the argument around the G-spot, I'm going to lean on some words from others for this one: Pleasure is a big and vital part of most of our lives, including sexual pleasure, and the anatomical basics of sexual pleasure need be no more a mystery than where babies come from. If we could find out all of that in just a few months or years, sex would get hella boring very fast, which it usually doesn't for most people, and we'd not hear older people expressing, as many of us do, that sex has held new discoveries for us for decades. Embedded in its spongy erectile tissue are up to 30 or more tiny prostatic-like glands that produce an alkaline fluid similar in constitution to the male prostatic fluid. The anus is unlike the vagina in that it does not self-lubricate. The nerves and muscles within and around the perianal area play a part in the genital sensations of sex even if no one is engaging in any kind of anal or perianal sexual stimulation or sex whatsoever. That can also differ both from person to person, but also by how aroused a person is at a given time. It's unsurprising if we come to sexually thinking it's only six or seven inches in scope that our sexual experiences may feel that limited, too: The G-spot isn't a magic button, the clitoris isn't a magic button, the penis isn't a magic button, the prostate gland isn't a magic button. Most of us can find out about where your erogenous zones are with your own two hands: Did you get the part where When there is pressure inside the vagina — in more a wide way than longways — be it with a penis, fingers or a sex toy, that can put pressure on all those parts, and when that happens is usually when people who do experience orgasm with vaginal sex will orgasm that way. Not only do labia look a whole bunch of different ways -- more than you'll probably ever know unless you have many sex partners with labia or work in sexual health -- all variances with labia are just as okay as all variances of penises, hands or noses. Two of the largest, called the Skene's glands, sometimes refered to as the "female prostate," are near the urethral opening, where the urine comes out. We've said it before here , and we'll likely need to say it fifty million times more: Want to get a better idea of where all the parts of the clitoris are in the context of the vulva? We don't need to, we'd rather not, and in the context of pleasure, it makes much more sense not to go that route.

    Sex cutaway

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