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    The next time you're about to disparage current contraceptive methods, just remember that the ancient Egyptians sometimes used the crocodile feces as well as sour milk to prevent pregnancy. In a study published in the journal Stroke , researchers contend that a particular kind of tensing and straining mostly in the abdomen and common during sex can put extreme pressure on your veins and allow deoxygenated blood to flow toward the brain, causing it to essentially short out. A study published in Nature compared the human genome with that of some modern primates to find the specific genetic deletions that makes humans who we are. While you don't actually have to worry about this one anymore, it still may be disconcerting to think that the penises of our ancestors were lined with a hard spine. Why do these men do it? The researchers also found that physical health was the most common predictor of sexual satisfaction for men in this age group. One one more sex fact from the land of senior citizens. One of America's largest and comparatively less sexually educated generations the Baby Boomers is now in the senior citizen bracket and we now have the medicine to keep them healthy longer, the drugs to keep them sexually active longer, and the nursing homes to house them. And Matthew McConaughey's father, James, likewise died from a heart attack while having sex with his wife, Kay above right, with Matthew , in

    Sex facts extreme insertion

    Check your kitchen cabinets. In the chilling words of the Mayo Clinic , "A penis fracture is a painful injury. Some estimates, including one cited in the Postgraduate Medical Journal , claim that 0. Wikimedia Commons, Alberto E. Signs might include a cracking sound, immediate loss of the erection, or the development of dark bruising of the penis due to blood escaping the cylinder. Pope John XII above left reportedly died in of a stroke during sex although, due to his position, he was supposed to be celibate. As of now, according to the CDC , about one in six Americans -- approximately 50 million people -- has genital herpes not to be confused with HPV, which can cause genital warts. For reference, 28 mph is 20 percent faster than the record-setting sprint made by Usain Bolt above at the Olympics and three-fourths as fast as Secretariat's record-setting pace at the Belmont Stakes. While the human penis contains no bones, sudden and forceful bending of an erect penis during intercourse or masturbation can cause the corpus cavernosum cylinders of tissue that make up the bulk of the penis to fracture. And in a bigger picture, in two weeks a man produces enough of the little guys to impregnate every fertile woman on Earth. So what can cause it? The most common root causes of death during sex include any number of cardiac episodes as well as brain hemorrhages. The researchers found that human papillomavirus HPV , more than any other STD, is extremely common, particularly among Americans ages When done correctly, taqaandan is said to be painless, a habit akin to knuckle-cracking. A comprehensive study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that 31 percent of Americans ages engage in oral sex. In fact, a recent study shows that two-thirds of otherwise healthy Americans of all ages have some form of HPV. Of course, our entire bodies are home to an ecosystem of more than trillion microorganisms. But why does this happen? Modern theories suggest that the milk increased the vagina's acidity enough to degrade any sperm that might enter while the crocodile dung was alkaline enough to act as a spermicide. This article is regularly updated for relevance. There's autoplushophilia arousal at oneself dressed as a giant, cartoon-like stuffed animal , autonepiophilia arousal at oneself in the form of an infant , climacophilia arousal at falling down stairs , lithophilia arousal at stone and gravel , and that's just the beginning. These figures actually make perfect sense. Clitoral stimulation is essential for most women to come. Of the men studied, 60 percent reported not always using protection with prostitutes. Sometimes the tube that drains urine from the body urethra is damaged as well, and blood might be visible at the urinary opening of the penis. In a practice known as taqaandan "to click" in Kurdish , men will hold the lower shaft of their erect penis with one hand then use the other to quickly snap the upper shaft.

    Sex facts extreme insertion

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      Moreover, the researchers found that while the men showed genital arousal only to female pornographic stimuli, the study's female subjects showed genital arousal to both male and female pornographic stimuli.

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      What's troubling is that, likewise, as men who pay for sex get older, they're less likely to use protection.

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      While the study found deletions responsible for immensely important things like increased brain size, perhaps its the deletion of that spined penis for which we're all most thankful.

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      If at first that number doesn't sound particularly high, think of all the ways there are to die, then realize that this statistic means that one in every sudden deaths comes during sex. These figures actually make perfect sense.

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