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    Demography, , 32 4: Among blacks and whites, but not among Hispanics, single women are at greater risk of unintended pregnancy than are married women. March 5, DOI: Standard errors and significance were calculated using the svy series of commands in Stata 8. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, , 40 1: For women who were at risk of unintended pregnancy, we determined if they had used any contraceptive in the month of interview. What are their needs for sexual and reproductive health services, and do they have health insurance to help meet these needs? Within most subgroups, single women are less likely than cohabiting women to be at risk of unintended pregnancy. Laumann EO et al.

    Sex only 1 email

    Title X plays an important role because it establishes standards in publicly funded family planning service provision. Hence, it is critical to educate single women about their risk for STDs, to increase their use of barrier methods, and to improve their communication and negotiation skills with new partners. Do these patterns represent differences in personal preferences between older and younger women, or barriers to finding a partner? Second, most studies that focused on union status as a differentiating characteristic gave little attention to identifying variation in sexual activity and reproductive health needs by social and demographic characteristics, such as age, income, education, and race or ethnicity. If he is less interested in penetrative sex or finds it difficult or just to add more pleasure for you are sex toys a consideration? Household poverty status is not significantly related to any of these measures. Sexual experience is a dichotomous measure indicating whether a woman had ever had vaginal intercourse. The proportions of single and cohabiting women at risk differ significantly at ages 20—39, but not at age 40— And among sexually experienced women, single women are the least likely to be currently sexually active, and are sexually active for the fewest months in the year. However, demographic shifts in the United States make the behavior and needs of this group increasingly salient. These patterns of differences by union status hold across demographic characteristics. Women were asked to identify their marital status from the following choices: Nevertheless, similar proportions of Hispanic and white women in each of the older age-groups are single; these proportions stabilize at about one in four among women aged 30 or older. First, earlier studies used various and noncomparable definitions of union status, particularly in how they identified and grouped women in cohabiting unions. We also analyzed union status and contraceptive use among women who were at risk of unintended pregnancy or STDs. Because these are sensitive and difficult issues he may well not want to mention them to you due to shame or embarrassment. To examine trends in union status, we also used and NSFG data on 7, and 9, women, respectively, who were aged 20—44 at the time of interview. How can single adult women achieve healthy sexual relationships while limiting their risk of unintended pregnancy and STDs? Additional emphasis on abstinence among adult women is evident in the program priorities for Title X, the only federal program that provides designated funding for family planning. Petra Boynton is a social psychologist and sex researcher working in International Health Care and studying sex and relationships. Finally, we looked at differences in insurance coverage among sexually active women. Within most subgroups, single women are less likely than cohabiting women to be at risk of unintended pregnancy. Compared with both married and cohabiting women, single women are significantly less likely to be sexually experienced Table 2 , page Further research should consider how past unions and changes in union status influence current sexual behaviors and contraceptive use. Yet more than a quarter of single women with multiple partners had never used condoms over this period, and more than half had used them inconsistently.

    Sex only 1 email

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      Overall, one in six women at risk had not used any method. Additionally, compared with younger women who are single, older, formerly married women may have less experience with barrier methods and may need greater education and counseling about the importance and use of condoms.

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