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    Candidate for this category of agents are sought among officials of the police and passport departments, consular clerks, customs and immigration officials, and small employers of labor. Safe houses, safe mail drops, and safe telephones are other supplementary functions. People recruited in small firms may become access agents for recruitments in large companies. But this kind of identification requires orderly and current biographic indexes of Satellite personnel who travel abroad". Both sides are expected back in court Monday afternoon for a status conference. There must exist motives by means of which an individual can be recruited: Information requests begin innocently, usually asking for public information, but to get the development on the path to betrayal.

    Sex spy photos

    With due regard to the risks and resources required, SIGINT can tap phone lines or intercept other communications that will give the recruiter more information about the target. Among this group, the priorities were: Smith, and was able to obtain FBI information of use to China through him. Marine Sergeant embassy guard in Moscow, was entrapped by a female Soviet officer in In many products, the true breakthroughs are not the entire aircraft or tank, but some subcomponent. The assessment process applies both to walk-ins and targeted recruits, but additional assessment needs to apply to the walk-in, who is most likely to be someone sent by a counterintelligence service. That focus could be considered one of counter-intelligence as well as espionage. Person 1 sex in exchange for a position within a special interest organization," prosecutors wrote in that filing, saying it supported the notion that her years-long relationship with Erickson was not legitimate, and merely cover that did "not represent a strong tie to the United States" that would prevent her from fleeing. The fourth priority is the " defection of senior diplomatic, trade, or intelligence personnel. Nearly as important is an agent who will continue the relationship once he returns to his home country, be that the Soviet Union or a satellite. Suvorov explained that while the most strategic information appears to be associated with major firms, there are several reasons why an approach to a smaller company is the place to begin. Prioritizing potential recruitment[ edit ] This step differs from the next one, assessment of potential recruits , in that it is not focused on the recruit himself or herself, the probability of recruitment, etc. Since her return to Russia, she has used her spy fame to launch a new life as a runway model and TV host, sometimes posing with weapons. Erickson has not been charged with any crimes. Driscoll said during a hearing this summer that Butina cooperated with a federal fraud investigation into Erickson in South Dakota. Access agents and access techniques[ edit ] An access agent does not have significant access to material of intelligence value, but has contact with those who do. Petraeus resigned as CIA director Nov. An MI5 agent who later interviewed Keeler became convinced the Russians had tried to use her to extract nuclear info from Profumo, though neither she nor the attache were ever proven to be spies. During this time, the case officer is building psychological control. Hancock has been accused of several affairs, including one with suspected Russian spy Ekaterina Zatuliveter also known as Katia. Before the direct recruitment, there may be a delicate period of development. Assessing walk-ins[ edit ] Major intelligence services are very cautious about walk-ins or write-ins, but some of the most important known assets were walk-ins, such as Oleg Penkovsky or write-ins using intelligence tradecraft such as Robert Hanssen. Some definite warnings, which may come from local or headquarters reporting, include: The "sultry spy" who was celebrated in tabloid photo spreads used her beauty to try to meet powerful business and government officials. After the acquaintanceship has ripened and official meetings evolve into personal meetings, the developmental stage begins. The recruit may not even be witting of his relationship to a FIS. Prosecutors wrote in the filing that Russian government officials have made six consular visits to Butina while she is behind bars, and the Russian foreign minister has complained about the case on two occasions to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — actions that "confirmed her relationship with, and value to, her own government.

    Sex spy photos

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      The government made the explosive allegation that Butina offered "sex in exchange for a position within a special interest organization" in a filing in July -- a claim that has been hotly disputed by her lawyer.

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