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    The questionnaire assessing knowledge about the care in "positioning the patient" showed an alpha coefficient of 0. Method Quasi-experimental, not randomized study, of the before and after type. The study took place between May and March In multiple linear regression analysis, BMI values at baseline remained associated to changes in BMI over the studied period standardised Beta: The experimental group had access to educational technology at home. To prevent the participants of the CG to had contact with those of the EG, it was decided to carry out the selection of participants in both groups in different services and during the first 70 days of the start of data collection. At baseline T1 , no significant differences were observed in age, sex, BMI, BMI z-sc, and in any markers of the metabolic syndrome or inflammatory markers between obese children who presented with and without substantial BMI z-sc reduction, at the end of the study T2.

    Sex tube maria porto

    This is an open access article licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License http: The BMIs of the controls were lower than the 85th percentile adjusted for sex and age. Table 1 Characteristics of the Participants in the Cross-Sectional Study Table 2 Biochemical Data of the Participants in the Cross-Sectional Study Sixty obese patients participated in the longitudinal study and, after one year of follow up, 17 The results obtained confirm obesity as an inflammatory disease. Haematol, , 76, Cardiol, , 88 2 , Besides physical activity, the initial CRF of an individual appears to be an independent predictor of weight variation. A key response to this rapid change in the age structure consists in promoting the creation of an active aging culture throughout life, thus ensuring that the people close to sixty, or more, have opportunities for employment and active participation in social life and family 1. Subjects The protocol used for all participants was approved by the Committees on Ethics of the University Hospital S. The groups were matched for age and gender; as expected, BMI and BMI z-sc values were significantly higher in patients. Blood Samples Blood samples were obtained on a fasting basis and processed within 2h of collection. Regarding the dependent person, the main reasons for hospitalization in the Medicine service were respiratory, cardiac and urinary problems. All children that reached inclusion criteria were invited to participate in the study. As some of the studied CV risk factors change with age and are influenced by gender, we matched controls and patients for gender and age. The effect of both diet and physical exercise in obese individuals appear to be additive with greater impact in the improvement of lipid profile and insulin resistance [ 11 Ben Ounis, O; Elloumi, M; Ben Chiekh, I; Zbidi, A; Amri, M; Lac, G; Tabka, Z Effects of two-month physical-endurance and diet-restriction programmes on lipid profiles and insulin resistance in obese adolescent boys Diabetes Metab, , 34 6 Pt 1 , The questions were prepared taking into account the main care points in each of these procedures. In the control group the knowledge did not differ in the two evaluation time points. The adipocyte is an important source of cytokines, namely interleukin IL -6 and tumour necrosis factor TNF -alpha, and their levels are significantly higher in the plasma of obese patients [ 4 Berg, AH; Scherer, PE Adipose tissue, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease Circ. Res, , 73 2 , After this period the groups were reversed in the middle of the selection period and the service where the EG was identified was then identified as the CG and vice versa. In multiple linear regression analysis, BMI values at baseline remained associated to changes in BMI over the studied period standardised Beta: After adjustment for metabolic risk factors, only neutrophil counts were positively related to BMI, waist circumference, and TAT; lymphocyte and basophil counts were negatively related to BMI and waist circumference [ 10 Kim, JA; Park, HS White blood cell count and abdominal fat distribution in female obese adolescents Metabolism, , 57 10 , Thus, the groups showed to be equivalent at the baseline as presented in Table 1. Seventy seven obese children participated in the study after informed and written consent of their parents. The physical examination included the measurement of height, weight and the observation of the presence of cutaneous markers related with obesity and its comorbidity. This procedure is the most used and reported in the literature, and its value is calculated based on the average of the interrelations among all test items 8.

    Sex tube maria porto

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