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    Hormonal changes during menopause can cause soreness in the vagina. Cotton is a very breathable fabric, and will be easier on a sore vagina. Vaginal lubricants can help during intercourse. You want to rule out medical conditions like sexually transmitted infections and certain cancers. Work up to tightening the muscles for 10 second intervals.

    Sooth sex

    Repeat this process four times. He or she will find a treatment that works for you based on your age, symptoms, and medical history. You want your vagina to get as much airflow as possible. Also, some doctors add peppermint oil to a barium solution to relax the colon during barium enemas. Non-enteric coated forms of peppermint oil, however, actually may cause or worsen heartburn and nausea. Do a set like this three times a day. You can clean the vulva, the area outside your vagina, each day during your regular bathing routine. If you're in a relationship, you and your partner should refrain from sexual activity until the soreness has passed. If your pain is constant, you can apply a lubricant regularly throughout the day. However, vaginal pain with no clear cause should be evaluated by a medical professional. Using douches and sprays you purchase from supermarkets or drugstores can remove these bacteria, worsening symptoms or causing soreness itself. Part 2 Seeking Medical Care 1 Know when to call the doctor. Preliminary studies also suggest that dietary supplements containing a combination of peppermint oil and caraway oil may help relieve indigestion. Side Effects of Peppermint Oil In most adults, the small doses of peppermint oil contained in dietary supplements and skin preparations appear to be safe. Tight clothing might be very uncomfortable. You may be tempted to touch your vagina to examine it. Put on loose clothing. Allergic reactions such as flushing, headache , and mouth sores Anal burning during bouts of diarrhea Although enteric-coated peppermint oil capsules may reduce the risk of heartburn, their protective coating can break down more quickly and increase the risk of heartburn when taken at the same time as prescription and over-the-counter medications that decrease stomach acid and which are often used for heartburn or acid reflux. Vaginal lubricants can help during intercourse. Talk to your doctor about your treatment options. Leave the ice pack on the area for 15 to 30 minutes. If there is not an obvious cause of your sore vagina, see a medical professional. Estrogen rings, estrogen tablets, and other hormonal treatments can ease vaginal soreness caused by menopause. If you have an STI, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. Scented soaps, moisturizers, tampons, and pads can cause your vagina further irritation. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine: If you frequently experience pain during or after intercourse, a lubricant can help.

    Sooth sex

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      You can purchase a sitz bath at your local pharmacy. Work up to tightening the muscles for 10 second intervals.

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      The muscles you use here are your pelvic muscles. This is especially important if you notice any of the following symptoms:

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