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    She gets to tell you - in detail - what she wants you to do to her, and you get to decide whether you want to fulfil her desires. Thirdly, you might consider playing with the concepts behind what you're doing. It will be best to study up on more techniques so you can entertain him longer and not run out of things to do on him. The novelty of physical sensations, combined with the mental eroticism of sexual power-plays, brings a tantalizingly taboo element to sex. Play a game, like chess, and for every piece that's taken off the board, she either has to do something for you or she gets some "negative" consequence like a spanking. Tell her how to move, and tell her what a good girl she's being. Now, obviously, porn is not real and should not be taken as an instruction manual! The sharp pain of spank at the brink of cumming usually will prevent her from cumming but keep her right at the brink. I'm having trouble structuring this question coherently, so I'm going to try and provide some examples of what I mean.

    Submisive sex ideas

    For porn, I'd suggest watching some of James Deen's videos - he's a usually-dominant porn actor who is very popular with women for good reason. She absolutely does not feel this way and is easily satisfied anyway. What do you like? I create intense pleasure by starting with a very basic scenario then slowly layering on additional types of stimulation… Anything you desire… Game 1: You're all flexible and open-minded and willing to slap her around when she wants it, she should be flexible and open-minded and willing to be a nonviolent equal participant when you want it. We've been dating for a couple years, neither of us have never had sex with another partner, so we're inexperienced history-wise. When a couple toys with the playful side of domination and submission, they are able to behave -- and have their partners behave -- in a way that is unfamiliar and unexpected. Other commenters have noted you don't say specifically what else YOU want to happen. I apologize for rambling. So don't feel bad about this. You must be careful to monitor your sub because her legs can suddenly begin to shake uncontrollably then collapse. Honestly if she is just laying back while you do all the work she's almost the one in charge. The animations are useful for helping understand the descriptions, even if they're occasionally hilarious and occasionally wince-inducing. Her writhing under you? Big Important Top is just going to sit back and relax, and you're gonna do all the work. A big part of this routine is the fact that we've discovered that she has a submissive side and have kind of structured what we do around this. To finish off a session, I will usually have very rough sex in the doggie position hair pulling, ass slapping, throat hold so she feels both intense pleasure of my hard cock literally devouring her super-sensitive pussy and the intense sting of pain from her well-paddled ass with each powerful thrust of my cock. It's probably true that anything that makes her feel in charge will not turn her on, but if you can reframe it as something she's doing as a submissive act as with oral sex then it can work and be very hot. This can get boring for me because she basically just lies there while I go to work I know this sounds really bitter, but we've both agreed that this is essentially what happens. Try the living room or bending her over the kitchen counter. Also bear in mind here though is what Dan Savage calls the "price of entry" - i. She's always game to try new things that I suggest but again, I feel like it's up to me to come up with anything new because a she likes being told what to do and b I'm the one that wants variety. Better yet get her to do home work as suggested and to figure out 3 ways ways she can thank you for all the work you've done for her and get her to tell them to you in detail while she's kneeling naked at your feet, or if that's too extreme for you guys then while laying naked in bed together and then let her do the one you choose. Some people can hardly form words during sex. If so, you have a larger problem of basic sexual incompatibility, alas. Keep trying until you find a wording or scenario that turns you both on. Still, how do I mitigate this feeling?

    Submisive sex ideas

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