• The function of mitosis is formations of sex cells


    The parental cell constricts to form two daughter cells identical to each other and the parent cell. This includes reproduction by fragmentation, as in the case of planaria, and reproduction by budding, as in the case of sea anemones. Prophase This is the longest phase of mitosis. The two chromatids making up each chromosome are identical and are known as sister chromatids. Why is Mitosis Important? The events of the prometaphase stage. The alignment of chromosomes at metaphase.

    The function of mitosis is formations of sex cells

    This is because prokaryotic cells do not contain a nucleus within which to begin the processes of mitosis and meiosis. Organisms which reproduce asexually cannot undergo meiosis, whereas all eukaryotic organisms undergo mitosis. Prometaphase Prometaphase is an intermediary stage between prophase and metaphase, here the cell is further prepared for metaphase figure 2. So before the cell can consider pulling things apart and duplicating the contents, this barrier need to be removed somehow. This includes reproduction by fragmentation, as in the case of planaria, and reproduction by budding, as in the case of sea anemones. Wikimedia Commons Each centromere is aligned with the equatorial plate while the chromosome arms extend towards the poles. This will provide you with the ability to answer any questions about each and every one of these stages. The spindle fibers disappear, and the cell enters interphase. Each sister chromatid still joined at this point is on a different side of the equatorial plate figure 3. This is because cells undergo only one division in mitosis, whereas they undergo two divisions in meiosis. Development and growth After meiosis has produced a gamete, and this has fused with another gamete to form an embryo, the embryo grows using mitosis. The chromatin condenses, and chromosomes become visible. In plant cells, a cell plate is laid at the position of the equatorial plane. While this is occurring, the nuclear envelope and nucleolus disintegrate, releasing the chromatin within. This way, chromosomes never get lost and go to the wrong end. New cells are created to replace those that were damaged. The major events occurring in the prophase stage Image Source: Instead, prokaryotes replicate themselves using binary fission. Wikimedia Commons The spindle fibers attach to the kinetochore of each chromosome, at opposite sides of the centromere. If you follow the logic above it should be obvious why the other events occur. Asexual reproduction Single-celled organisms and certain multicellular organisms use mitosis for asexual reproduction. After anaphase, two diploid sets of chromosomes are located at each pole of the cell. Why is Mitosis Important? Mitosis and meiosis are similar in that both can only occur in eukaryotic cells. Many plants reproduce using mitosis. This results in a cell furrow. Wikimedia Commons Now that we have explored all the different stages go back reread and try to reason each event.

    The function of mitosis is formations of sex cells

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      As the spindle fibers shorten further, the daughter chromosomes are drawn further apart until grouped at opposite ends of the cell. The alignment of chromosomes at metaphase.

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