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    Of the sexually active adolescents, over half of the girls reported having had partners; over half of the boys indicated having had partners and about a third reported more than 10 girlfriends. More insight is needed on the effects of youth's exposure to pornography and the ways in which leisure spots such as video halls and local-brew dens can be used to promote safe sex practices. Conclusions In Kisumu, local brew dens and porn video halls facilitate risky sexual encounters between youth. Investigator travels to Philippines to meet child sex abuse victims he rescued, and testify at trial Published Thursday, June 7, 7: The authors acknowledge and thank Dr. During the observations, older men were often seen with girls as young as Our findings show how exposure to pornography in video halls encourages liberal sexual attitudes and behaviour among young people. The inevitability of infidelity:

    Very young sex tubes

    But most girls reported very few sexual encounters, and HIV prevalence was very high even among girls reporting one lifetime partner and few episodes of sexual intercourse. Background Globally, the HIV epidemic is increasing faster amongst young women than young men and nowhere is this trend more apparent than in sub-Saharan Africa [ 1 ]. Condom use among adolescents and young people in a Southern African township. Men in settings like Kenya generally are expected to conform to a range of behavioural norms that confirm the hegemonic masculinity [ 26 ]. Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi; The FGDs mainly focused on youth's attitudes, risk perception and socio-cultural norms regarding sexuality. Morris C, Ferguson A. Pressure to be sexually adventurous and aggressive to prove manhood is quite pervasive in Africa. Conclusions In Kisumu, local brew dens and porn video halls facilitate risky sexual encounters between youth. Some young people also held the belief that very young boys and girls could not have STIs. The authors extend great appreciation to the adolescents for the insightful information that they have reported. To stem HIV in Africa, prevent transmission to young women. Sixteen of the 28 girls who mentioned the age of their first partner reported that he was 25 years or older. Kenya's Shameful National Disaster of Illicit brew. Their poverty should be addressed, e. Interventions should promote more positive and safe actions like having respect for women, having one sexual partner, using condoms, and knowing their HIV status. Some boys were said to waylay prostitutes and force them to have sex: Such norms and societal power relations consistently tend to disadvantage young women, as evidenced by the high incidence of transactional and coerced sex in many sub-Saharan countries [ 28 ]. He said it had a bright pink exterior and stood out in an impoverished area because of its pane glass windows and shingles. He said when he first met the children at a shelter they were quiet, but they smiled when they talked about their favourite fast food, so he brought them each a meal later in the week. Another girl stated that she had sex several times with a client who promised to build her widowed mother a house. Devil's drink plays havoc with village youth. Girls mostly reported serial monogamy and rarely stated outright that they had concurrent partners. Many young people were exposed to pornography in video halls, which seemed to increase their sexual risk behavior. London and New York, Zed Books;

    Very young sex tubes

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      Because we used purposive quota sampling, it cannot be concluded that our results are fully representative for the total Kisumu youth population. Finally we give special thanks to the data collection team for their determination, dedication and professionalism that made it possible to collect these data.

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      Prevalence and risk factors for sexually transmitted infections in a high-risk occupational group: Some girls were lured into secluded places such as a boy's cube [separate living quarter for boys], and were forced to have sex:

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      Forced sex, gang rape and multiple concurrent relationships characterised the sexual encounters of youth, frequently facilitated by the abuse of alcohol, which is available for minors at low cost in local brew dens. But these groups of boys don't have any cash, they just get them and hijack them yah," FGD, out-of-school boys.

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