• What drives a man crazy during sex


    Have your man lie on his back comfortably, then sit between his outstretched legs, facing him. Carefully insert a finger inside him until you feel a little walnut-shaped knot, and stroke it back and forth until half his face permanently collapses into an emotionless shell. However, you could also spice up the missionary style by spreading your thighs wide open as he gains an easier and deeper penetration. Slide the rings in opposite directions, going back and forth from the base to the head simultaneously. Here are a few things to try:

    What drives a man crazy during sex

    Although very much enjoyable, it is the first style to try if you ever think of going on a sexual adventure. Here are some best sex tips for women to enhance pleasure on bedroom matters- 1. Carol Seen, a renowned sexologist gives the best sex advice to fellow women from foreplay to penetration. If you're wearing a lacy bra, lean toward him a bit so he gets a look at your cleavage in the bra. At this point, it would be safe for him to carefully unclad your dress as he easily fondles your body and tongue stroke the tits of your boobs. If it is your eyes- men are weird- then why not wink and give him an eye to eye contact until he blushes. If you're always getting it on on the couch or the bed, your moves may begin to feel stale, so you should mix things up from time to time so your boyfriend is still crazy about you and so that your relationship and love life feel fresh. A couple of other handy sex tips for ladies include not judging or shaming your men when they share sexual fantasies that tantalize them, and also playing out these fantasies with your partner if it is equally comfortable for both of you. Another way to get sexy is to introduce some foods into the equation. This is a massive chemical bonding tool and research shoes it's one of the first things to go when a relationship falls apart, so don't let it drop from your sexual repertoire. As it stands now and always, there is no better way in which a man can keep his woman on his side if not by a healthy sex life. Being sexy in public doesn't mean trying to initiate a make-out session in the checkout aisle at your local grocery store or touching your man every chance you get. As you sense your guy is getting close to climax, reach forward, grab his ankles and pulse each pressure point in rhythm with your thrusts. You can alternate between kissing him on the lips and kissing his neck. The next time you go down on your guy, twist your hands in opposite directions along his member. Do the deed in the reverse girl-on-top position, so you face his feet. In all fairness, remember men enjoy foreplay too. You are the only source of physical pleasure to him in your sacred, committed relationship with your partner. Taking each other for granted also dissolves marriage ties - but this, too, can be fixed in the bedroom. Oct 19, Before sex, lie down together and synchronise your breathing so you inhale and exhale simultaneously. To make this move even more mind-blowing, squirt some lubricant into your hand. Men don't form attachment through crazy sex; that's just chemical lust, which fades. You don't have to wear a ton of makeup. If you're always making love or hooking up in the same position, mix things up next time.

    What drives a man crazy during sex

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      Men don't form attachment through crazy sex; that's just chemical lust, which fades. He rolls forward for deeper penetration.

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      You'll get a new appreciation of your relationship, and your sexual chemistry, if you're out exploring completely new locations. Oct 19,

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