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    Sex in mind and education. But the medical profession slowly had to revise its stance. As the century closed, it was clear that if psychiatrists wanted to stop being continually challenged, they had to take a step in the direction of their women patients. The Eternally Wounded Woman: Nevertheless, it illustrates a further aspect of the link between feminism and psychiatry, in which medical excesses sometimes played a somewhat paradoxical role, serving as much to construct as to destroy the women's movement.

    Woman weaker sex

    Notes 1 George Fielding Blandford ; see below for further bibliographical information. It was through recounting terrifying anecdotes and playing the role of martyrs to an unnatural male science that women managed to attract public attention and shatter the myth of medical impartiality. A chance to cut is a chance to cure. They declared that it was not so much menstruation, heredity, or the size of the brain that explained why women were frequently subject to nervous problems, but rather the expectations of society. The episode illustrates yet again the collusion between psychiatry and the subjection of women. Johns Hopkins University Press. Naturally, the change in thinking was not universally accepted. Had the Act been passed in order to limit the threat of venereal disease, these sceptics argued, doctors would have also targeted men. Mad, Bad and Sad: Yet here too the situation turned itself around. Lunacy Law Reform Association. English feminism and sexual morality How I Escaped the Mad Doctors. Sexual surgery for psychosis in three 19th-century societies. Doctoral thesis supervised by Jacqueline Carroy. In consequence, most women patients who were critical of psychiatry were also fervent partisans of women's education and economic independence; Weldon herself directed a school and at every chance presented herself as living example of a woman's ability to live life on her own, in good health and without supervision by a husband. Secondary sources Appignanesi, Lisa. Western Mail, 1 November. Churchill , in response to an article by Almroth Wright Wright As the century closed, it was clear that if psychiatrists wanted to stop being continually challenged, they had to take a step in the direction of their women patients. The annual oration on sex in education. Bibliography Primary sources Anon. The psychology of the militant suffragette. Once more, this particular feature of British history cannot be transposed. Indeed, it is notable that several striking instances occurred where psychiatrists were publicly repudiated by the authorities. Journal of Caribbean History 42 2:

    Woman weaker sex

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      Thus in line with a history of science which at present stresses the interaction between lay and expert discourses, we have tried to show here that even psychiatric knowledge has not been impermeable to patient reaction: More specifically, we may ask what happened between the years to that prompted certain doctors to distance themselves from these ideas in the way they did?

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